You know what I hate?

When a POT doesn’t want to discuss money right away.

When a POT wants me to have sex with him before I get my allowance.

When a POT says “So many women would love to have me.” Yeah dude, women who are fat and old.

When a POT says “All you care about is money.” 

When a POT says “Let’s meet four times a week” Like I don’t have a social life, or a job or go to school. Who the fuck wants to be hanging around your saggy ass all day?

When a POT asks me to host. I just told you I have roomates and I don’t know you.

When a POT asks me to send him “sexy pictures.” 

When a POT offers me a small amount of money and says “This isn’t a business arrangement.”

Why in the world would I want to waste my time with your saggy, wrinkly, smelly ass if I’m not getting what I deserve. I did not go on seekingarrangment to find a boyfriend 30x my age. I made an account so I can milk your salty ass of all you’re worth. 


Right now, make a conscious effort to embody gratitude and ease with your whole mind/body being. Let go of the narration of should have and should be. Embrace what is and take present moment steps in the name of love to further align if need be. In every moment that we are present we are getting closer to our true essence.❤️ Photo by @bigbones57 #sunday #salty #starfish #yogaeverydamnday #itsbetterinthebahamas #btru #letthesoulshine