High Guardian Terra

“’Settle down?’ ‘Tame me?’ I am not some wild beast. I am a woman and I expect you to treat me like a person, not a prize to be won.” 

Terra is a High Guardian in Saltus (Underground.) High Guardians protect the entrance to the Underground and command fae armies.
Her main elements are terrain/spirit, so her connection to nature grew her antlers. (This happens to all Fae with strong connection to more than one element. This is typical for high guardians.) 


Man…fucking shout out to @dumbfoundead. Humble dude and showed mad love. #Saltue to the coast T.O - LA🌊🌊🌊

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Just pray that it comes to you in the right way… It’s ok to be crazy but not go crazy one of my mentors told me a while back. #saltue #yemg #mogulminded #motivation

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whisper down the train; Ingo&Thorton

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Words travel, like hard-pressed businesspeople engrossed by a certain fervency to get from one place to the next. On their expedition to reach a final destination, technicalities are sacrificed, as are the finer details of conveyance, amounting, at some point in time, to as much intelligibility as a cipher message composed by the Unown of the Ruins of Alph. 

“Did you know? Thorton from Sinnoh’s Battle Frontier is somewhere on the Battle Subway today! I actually don’t know too much about him, but…”

It would seem Castelians have long ceased to give time of day to the old saying concerning time relevant to effort, or its irrelevance thereof, as a young officer worker would murmur ponderously, as if recalling lunch from a fortnight ago. Saltus in demonstrando, or the ‘leap in logic’ fallacy, once served better cautionary wisdom than the seemingly superfluous stop signs of Castelia’s irritable traffic. One can be legally ignored, at the price of self-damage - a clearcut explanation as to why such advice never survived the information age. Carelessly overlooking the latter, of course, led one to joyless penalty for the violation of road rules.

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Space Fries -Actual Zackry-: i killed a Stalker last night :3
Reni/Ari | Saltus Monstrum: Congrats.
Reni/Ari | Saltus Monstrum: Now tame one.
Space Fries -Actual Zackry-: YOU CAN DO THAT??@?!?!?

Best NEWS: Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Saltues The ‘Idiot Nation’ In Heartfelt Post

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Saltues The ‘Idiot Nation’ In Heartfelt Post Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote a heartfelt note to the ‘idiot nation,’ thanking them for their support in getting the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. from News
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encanta (96) @ 26.04.2015 / батутный центр “Saltus sport” и кафе “Гейша”
#encanta #friends #boy #girl #party #happy #moscow #дружба #знакомства #follow #батут #SaltusSport #кафе
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