Another Pic from SaltFest I dont know if I said that in the last post. 

Luca: Kikikabuki (She amazing.)

I had really fun chatting with her friday about tons of stuff I really wish I wasn’t feeling sick so I could get a picture of Luca and Pascal. because well they look similar. Im really happy I finally got some her prints! So yeah I think thats it im tired so yeah….


There’s a girl in Richmond that I met last year who plays Sheik.

I beat her in a set of 5 (just barely) and she said “if you come to Richmond, I’m gonna kick yo ass in a rematch”

Today, I will have the rematch. Heading down to Richmond with The Doug, and Pitzer (I think he’s coming too) to meet up with some people and compete in the mini tourney and SoVA vs RVA saltfest. Then Strapped for Cash 1 at Tope’s venue to enter doubles tomorrow… hopefully.

Richmond would be enough.