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Sediment transport via fluid motion is a major factor in engineering, geology, and ecology. This video shows two common forms of sediment transport: particle suspension and saltation. Suspension, in which the fluid carries small solid particles, is visible high in the blue water layer. Saltation occurs closer to the surface when loose particles are picked up by the flow before being redeposited downstream. Watch some of the individual particles near the surface to see the process. Kuchta has several more demo videos of flow in this desktop flume, sold by Little River Research & Design. (Video credit: M. Kuchta; submitted by gravelbar)

Explosive Breeding Aggregations and Parachuting in Agalychnis saltator

Agalychnis saltator (Hylidae) isa relatively small red-eyed frog, with adult males ranging from 34 to 54 mm and the larger females ranging from 57 to 66 mm.

This red-eyed leaf frog occurs in the humid lowlands of Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica.

Agalychnis saltator gathers in spectacular breeding aggregations on lianas above temporary swamps. Both males and females descend to breeding aggregations by parachuting and return rapidly to the canopy by hand-over-hand locomotion up lianas. 

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credit: ©Brian Kubicki

Locality: Costa Rica


"I’M NOT MAD AT YOU, DUMBASS," Rose screams in Steph’s face.  To Steph’s credit, she doesn’t budge an inch, so Rose turns and stalks up and down in the hallway.  "Fucking son of a shitpile.  I can’t believe I didn’t realize. I can’t believe I was so STUPID…"

Steph gapes silently as Rose fumes, not knowing what to do when the anger she’d been preparing to face doesn’t appear. She settles for a muttered “I’m not dumb” under her breath and furrows her brow petulantly. However, it occurs to her that calming Rose down is the priority here, and in truth she feels bad for the other girl. Not in a pitying way, more in a my-dad-is-a-big-bag-of-tiny-dicks-too-and-I-get-where-you’re-coming-from way. Steph jogs to catch up with Rose in her pacing, matching her strides. “You going to be okay, or should I let you hit me? Hitting helps,” she offers half-jokingly.