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Hi! I was wondering about your opinion on using a salt lamp as a form of protection from negative energy or spirits. Do you think it's worth a try?

Dude I totally bought one of those on vacation. It’s pink salt and I love it! I think it is lovely for purification and protection. Definitely worth a try.

"You’re one of us, rayman, and no ‘destiny’ can change that."

I had this little idea as a follow up to the trainwreck comic i made a few days ago. I figured that because i poked fun at rayman and chrom before, it was about time to give them a good vibe to balance things out.

See? I’m not evil.

And really, whenever things look bleak, you have friends to back you up…even if one of said friends isn’t even part of this game. Nyeh!

Have it your way

Please fire me. I work in fast food and some lady wanted extra salt on her fries. She didn’t state thing until she got her food. When I told her there were salt packets over by the drinks, she told me no and that she wanted me to put more salt on them. I tried to take the fries back over to the station and she starts cussing me out telling me to go and get the damn salt shaker and put salt on the fries right in front of her.