This spring I will be sharing my transition from female-to-male story along with clinical details related to the transgender community with over 19 institutions and thousands of people. I’ve been doing this work for eight years now and continue to see the demand increase. If your University or institution is looking for a presentation for this fall, please contact me soon. My schedule gets fuller with each year that passes. I promise to inspire, make you laugh….and fill you with hope.

Advice & References for LGBTQ People

Please keep in mind that I am not a gender therapist. My youtube videos, answers, and writings are only based off of my own experience as a transgender FTM individual. Also, there are some things included that were published by other LGBTQ people. If you have anything to add to this advice page please let me know! I want to extend this to help more LGBTQ people. This list will be added to and updated as much as possible. If there’s a topic that you think I should include please let me know and I will add it. This is for YOU! Thank you. 

Coming Out Advice (LGBTQ)

Coming Out To Parents
In School
Family (Extended), Family, School  
Being Comfortable & Visible
Parents Readjusting 
Get Parents Comfortable 
Advice from Ryan Sallans (FTM)

Binding Advice: 
Underworks Binder Review
Underworks vs. T-Kingdom (different types of binders)
How I Got A Binder/Different Ways to Bind
Pain & How Many Hrs to wear A Binder
Rib Damage (Video by DominoAyeJae)
Where to Get a Binder  
Emotional Aspects of Binding
Chest Binding 101 (from
Website to Get Binder (Underworks Ftm section)
Binding 101 (Hudson’s Guide)
Don’t Have a Binder 
Binder Giveaways

How To Support Trans Friends:
Friends & Relationships 
What Not To Say to A Trans Person (Article by Matt Kailey)

Advice For Parents:
From my Mom (pronouns, coming out, how to come around) 

Gender Dysphoria: 
Stay Strong & You’re Not Alone (GENDER DYSPHORIA VIDEO) (FTM)
Things You Can Do To Cope 

Dealing With Bullying: 
How To Deal W/ Bullies 

STP: (Stand-To-Pee)
Ultimate Guide (
Hudson’s Guide for STP/Packers (Hudson’s Guide) 

Top Surgery
Without Hormones (Tissue Regrowth - FTM)
How To Find A Surgeon (
Surgeons that perform on Under 18
Surgeons that perform without Testosterone
What Is Top Surgery? (by Dr. M Brownstein)

Different Transgender Terms:  
Trans Umbrella
What is? Gender Queer
Terminology (Hudson’s Guide) 

MTF Surgery & Hormones
Surgery & Hormones (Wild Gender Article/Toni Newman) 
Hormones: A Guide for MTF’s (Trans Health) (MTF)
Surgery Procedures (from Marci Bowers)  

Routes of Transitioning
Without Hormones (FTM)
With Hormones (by Ryan Sallans) (FTM)
Testosterone 101 (Hudson’s FTM Guide)
How To Find A Gender Therapist (
Hormones: A Guide for MTF’s (Trans Health) (MTF) 
Not Taking Hormones (Effects by Natalie Sweetwine/Youtube) (MTF) 
Why Mental Preparation is Important (FTM - youtube video by IanDiscovered)

Struggling W Gender Identity
I Think I Might Be Trans, Now What Do I Do? (Advocate for Youth)  

Passing As Male
What Makes Me Pass  (FTM)
Height (FTM)
The truth about Height ( for everyone) 

Gender Marker Change Info
California State (both for FTM/MTF) 

Know Your Rights: (TRANS*)

Find A Local LGBT Center:
Center Locater (Worldwide)
SF Center
Long Island Center
New York City Center
Western South Dakota

LGBTQ Friendly Publications
We Are The Youth (Stories of LGBTQ youth, includes coming out)
Original Plumbing (Trans Male Quarterly)
Go Magazine (Lesbian publication) 
The Advocate (Gay News) 
Wild Gender (Online Gender Journal) 

LGBT & Religion:
LGBT Christianty Tumblr Blog


New Books, Essays, Poetry, Plays, and/or Zines On Our Radar

Scout Publishing’s The Outrider Review

out·rid·er (outrdr)


1. A guide; an escort; a forerunner.

2. A person who goes in advance to investigate, to discover a way; a scout

Personal Message: Hi everyone! Rebecca here. Ryan Sallans over the years has become an internet confidant, educator, survey/charter assistant, Pub bud, and friend. If you are familiar with KNOWhomo, you have most likely encountered out raves about Ryan’s autobiography Second Son. 

Ryan has expanded his lecture series, events, and writing over the last year. Scout Publishing LLC is now an operating dream of his and he has published the company’s first internet ‘Zine, THE OUTRIDER REVIEW. KNOWhomo moderator, Ruth Elizabeth, contributed to the first issue along with numerous other creative individuals. The ‘Zine consists of art, photography, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, prose, and insight. 

Each issue is $2. For those who feel that $2 may be something to look away from, please remember that we are all champions of each other. Tumblr’s top blogs and amazing individuals are able to create, generate, and transform by the help of your support. I would encourage anyone who reads The Outrider Review to think of their support as a donation to continue work and creative processes by the LGBTQ* community and its allies.

The Outrider Review is also taking submissions for next month. I will include that information below of click HERE to take you directly to the page.

And as always: Keep On, Keeping On! - Rebecca

From ScoutPublishingLLC:

We are currently accepting original, unpublished works of poetry and prose, both fiction and non-fiction, and artwork for our second issue.  Submission deadline is March 1st, 2014.

To submit your work, email a word document of your writing or a high resolution jpeg image of your artwork to

Other items needed in your submission: Author Name, Title of Work, Brief Description (if artwork), and Brief Author Bio.

Interested in advertising in The Outrider Review? Email to receive the current Ad Rate Card.


The Self Made Men | Philadelphia TransHealth Conference


Ryan Sallans comes to our school! Of course, it had to be followed by beer with friends. Zak and Adrian of Art of Transliness!  Me. Friends Monica, Cameron, and Acorn. Life is good. Thank you Ryan for a evening we’ll never forget. If any of you have a chance to hear him talk- TAKE IT, you won’t be sorry. I promise.

It’s been awhile since I have posted comparison photos. I put these photos up for a couple reasons. 1) I think it’s fun to see the changes the body goes through from surgery and testosterone. 2) To remind us all that change is possible BUT it takes time. Also, when looking at other people’s transition pictures, please keep in mind that we all change differently, we all come in different shapes and sizes and we all have our limitations. Enjoy your own transition process and your individual experiences. 


Questions About Hormones from Family and Transgender Individuals

anonymous said:

Is it common for transmen or ftm people to have eating disorders? I feel like I'm alone.

Zak: I believe that the incidence of eating disorders is higher within the transgender population, though I’m not sure if that’s supported by research (not surprisingly, there’s not enough research out there on eating disorders among trans people though here’s one good source that sums up what research there is). In general, eating disorders among LGBTQ youth is actually pretty high. Regardless of the actual numbers, you’re certainly not alone. Ryan Sallans has written about his struggle with an eating disorder (and later recovery) and how it related to his transition. He is probably the most famous trans man to talk openly about having dealt with an eating disorder. He’s not the only one, though. I looked into it, and there are a couple of groups specifically for trans people with eating disorders, including T-FFED (Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders). I’d highly recommend going to T-FFED and checking out their resources. It seems like they have closed groups where people can talk and may also be able to connect you with other people so you feel less alone. Hopefully that helps. 

An email to

Thanks to anonimotrans for making me aware or this post posted by Ryan Sallans (ryansallans​). Yet another stolen version of my ‘end transphobia’ posters.

For the record, this is a copy of the email I sent to both contacts on the edited copy:

It has recently been brought to my attention that you are involved in stealing some of my artwork. The pieces in question are joined together and are posted on the TransAmbassadors Facebook page (
These have been edited from my originals (, most worryingly in that my credit has been removed from both images.
This is simply theft.
You are distributing my artwork with the only credits being ‘’ and ‘’, who I can tell you had no input into the art. I don’t know who of these two names is responsible so I am cross-posting this to both websites’ contact forms. I am also posting a copy to my blog.
I think you realise that the only course of action is to remove that image from any site or any place it has been uploaded to. I appreciate that you may want the message the artwork puts across as part of your project, but I urge you to use the originals (linked above) which include my credit.
I will be waiting for email confirmation of the removal of the stolen art from your site. You can contact me on [redacted]
Thank you.


New video created to help those that have a bit of needle phobia when preparing for an intramuscular shot. The comments/answers below the video may also be helpful to clarify or expand on issues presented. And as noted in the caption, it may be beneficial to check with your provider regarding subcutaneous shots. 

Graduate position: UPenn.Paleobiology
PhD Fellowship in Paleobiology/Paleontology at the University of Pennsylvania A PhD fellowship in Paleobiology is available in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania, starting in Fall 2015. Prof. Lauren Sallan seeks a graduate student to address major paleobiological questions, such as how global change has affected life over time, how life evolves at high levels (macroevolution), and the origins of living biodiversity. Specific topics include, but are not limited to: the drivers and ecological consequences of mass extinction (e.g. the end-Devonian Hangenberg event), the role of predation and competition in setting marine biodiversity, the characteristics of adaptive radiations and $B!H(Bliving fossils,$B!I(B the effects of long-term environmental events (e.g. the Late Paleozoic Ice Age) on biodiversity trends, and transitions in early vertebrate evolution (e.g. origin of jaws, invasion of land). The student can also develop a novel project that address similar questions using quantitative, phylogenetic and descriptive methods. While research in the lab has focused on fishes, any suitable group of fossil animals may be used. Applicants are encouraged to contact Prof. Sallan ( for more details. Additional information on the fellowship is available on the departmental website: Applications for entry in Fall 2015 are due December 15, 2014. Applications to graduate school at Penn must be submitted online at Lauren Sallan Assistant Professor Earth and Environmental Science & Evolution Cluster University of Pennsylvania Office: 154B Hayden Hall Phone: (215) 898-5650 Website: E-mail: Lauren Sallan

via Gmail

Farkında mısın ölüyorlar , yaşayanlar gömüyorlar . Masalları , kahramanları , korkularından seviyorlar . Bir derin göl , düş boğul , öl . Ötüyor baykuş sallan dur destur !

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