salgu replied to your post: That awkward day when

Why would they say that even.

Dunno guess I’m not good enough for people not to be mega rude to me today! Either that or everyone at her highschool – which honestly is a very nice school compared to mine – was never taught tact!

Lit can’t deal with people today I guess, I’m going to go just

walk or something.


Metaphorical rocks that weigh us down

Thick walls that hold us back

Blank pages of each brand new day of our lives, yet to be written

Empty spaces

Hopeful bridges from our broken past to a wholesome future

Our Dreams

salgu replied to your photo: Happe Birthdae Too Mee

WOW THAT LOOKS REALLY GOOD im jelly and happy birthday demeeeee!! also your face is preshus =3=

haha i looked at the picture after i posted it my eyes look freaky XDD

and YES its really good but you need to drink with LOTS of milk haha

and faaankk yooou