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Hey there! Your blog is very wonderful. I'm thinking about going into to film school. I know that film school may be unnecessary, but I haven't found any one thing or person that can help explain film and all it's forms as a film school may. Do you have any suggestions on what films I should begin watching and maybe any books that could help?

Hello and thank you for your nice comments. So…I went to the liberal arts college of a large university and double-majored in art history and Romance languages. I knew some people from the ‘film studies’ major (which, from what I could tell, was basically a ‘literary criticism’ curricula grafted onto cinema history), worked at a ‘cool/indie/bullshit’ video rental shop throughout college, was on a weekly film review show for the university’s radio station, and assisted on two student films.

My knowledge of the actual curricula of film school, on the other hand, is pretty much zero. I could list some canonical films and books I’ve read that *I* think might make a good ‘primer’ for studying films, but I have no idea if a film school would recommend the same watching and reading. I was trained as a historian and linguist, thus my general reading recommendations might differ from that of a film school. So unfortunately, I can’t give you much advice.

I can, however, refer you to salesonfilm, who *did* go to film school (or was a film major, or something), is very articulate, and could tell you all about this topic (just don’t say anything bad about Buster Keaton in front of her).

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7. Favorite blogs:


  • doyouhavefuckingmementodisease (ryan’s the best, a whole bunch of film stuff. like if you need some new movie to check out and you want to go beyond the basic classics, follow him)
  • salesonfilm (first film blog I followed on tumblr, just a whole bunch of badass stuff)
  • oldfilmsflicker for her #dicks tag alone
  • idontreallyfuckwithcheese (tons and tons of comedy babes, plus she’s rad)
  • thisguyknowswhatimtalkingabout
  • naomicalhooligan
  • partytomatoes
  • dalbear
  • donrickles
  • machodadrandysavage (all of those from the tcgs community, they’re all the fuckin best. if you haven’t watched tcgs you’re missing out on making some sweet friendz)
  • darkishphoenix (I don’t even know how I followed alex, but she’s COOL TOO)
  • hooligankids (4 twin peaks, st. vincent, awesome music, etc. etc. etc.) 


16. Who do you get messages from the most: probably idontreallyfuckwithcheese, she is a CARING FRIEND

17. Who told you about tumblr? 

I really don’t know. Probably one of my friends back in high school. I made one for some pretentious purpose of “documenting my summer day by day” but then that didn’t happen and I just started jumping around a lot of film and comedy blogs.