*I apologize if this is popping up in your feed twice, but Tumblr is being wonky on me!

Hello friends! SO #marziacutiepie is hosting a t-shirt design contest and I thought “Hey, hey HEY. I’m gonna try this.”
If I win (and that is a big if my friends) I will most likely send her an the entry with out the background so as to make it a lot easier for the shirts

But yeah!
I also decided to do a speed paint for this one! So if you would like to mosey on over to my YouTube channel to watch it, then by all means click HERE 

If you don’t want to, hey, that’s alright by me! 
By the way, Marzia, you’ve gotten me addicted to Peter Pan collars. I get one whenever possible these days. 

Have a lovely day guys!