1955-59 Reynolds Metals Regional Sales Office | Architect: Minoru Yamasaki | Southfield, Michigan, US | Photo: Balthazar Korab

Mioru Yamasaki was most known for his design of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Pruitt–Igoe housing project. - Via



I’ve said it before (possibly too many times) and I’ll doubtless say it again, but nothing appeals to me more than a compact house or flat that’s been cleverly designed. If you live in the city centre as I do, then making the most of a tight floor-plan is often the norm. And, too often, smaller properties just have wasted space, whether that’s poorly thought out storage or dead circulation space. So whenever I find a house or flat that answers this well - and this quirky conversion in Edinburgh is a prime example - well, I sit up and take notice.

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The Legend of Lordscairnie Castle, Moonzie, Fife, Scotland

This castle is currently for sale!*

The castle was constructed in around 1495 by Alexander Lindsay, 7th Earl of Crawford (d.1517). Legend says that Lindsay played cards with the Devil and lost. His ghost can be seen playing cards with the devil at midnight each New Year’s Eve, though anyone watching it will travel to hell with them at the end of the match.

Lindsay was one of the most powerful noblemen in Scotland. The castle was the center for Lindsay clan operations and aspirations in central Scotland. Various intrigues at the castle include a raiding of the castle, house arrests and conflicts with the Bishop of St Andrews. The castle was abandoned in the mid 17th century and was used as a church until the end of the 17th century. It has been unoccupied since then.

(*Update: The castle was sold or taken off the market since I put this post in queue, sorry.)

First estate sale of the new year: Exquisite Greenwich Mansion Contents

Come see this luxurious Greenwich mansion filled with fine custom decorator furnishings and antiques, window treatments, antique prints, fine and antique porcelain, exceptional decorative accessories, oil paintings and fabulous household and estate contents. Included are fifteen rooms of custom made draperies and window seating, complete with “all the trimmings” (valances, fringed tiebacks, rods, hardware etc.) There are multiple bedroom suites, all decorator-done with exceptional taste and quality–furnishings by well-known manufacturers such as Drexel, Century, Thomasville and Stark (to name only a few).

Sale Dates:

Thursday, January 19, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Friday, January 20, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday, January 21, 2012
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday, January 22, 2012
11:00 am to 3:00 pm

A sampling: antique convex mirrors, a traditional four poster bedroom suite with skirted canopy, matching antique wing chairs and slipper chairs, country French dining set, an upholstered Swedish bench, mahogany nightstands, antique occasional tales, quality carpeting, ottomans, fabulous sets of lamps with custom silk shades, many beautifully framed sets of antique prints and botanicals, a suite of charming white painted French furniture, Murano glass, Library Steps, multiple desks including a lovely mahogany leather topped desk, antique phone desk, book shelves, lovely Century armoire and many other accent pieces … including sideboards, cupboards and a custom game table with upholstered chairs. What every home needs: that perfect ottoman or bench, bookends, clocks, urns, exquisite fireplace accessories (fenders, andirons, fireplace tool sets), custom wall units, couches, kitchen stools, playroom and family room furnishings, lanterns, wall units, computers and computer chairs (also custom). Pick up a full room’s décor with matching window treatments, pillows, linens, etc. Also available is a massive amount of women’s designer clothing and handbags (Prada, Gucci, etc). We are selling the contents of the pool house done in a nautical theme, including a wonderful pine island unit, a collection of bird houses, shell mirrors, ceramics and earthenware, quality rattan, carpeting, etc.

Available are several signed oil paintings in gilded frames and signed prints including antique English sports block prints by William Nicholson, Also featured are this estate’s many outdoor planters and garden items, a full gym with universal, stretching machines and weight bench, a tennis ball machine by Tennis tutor, hardly used. The pictures featured will give you a glimpse of this home’s treasures, and we hope you will come visit this exceptional sale to find that special something to enhance the décor of your home.

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Sale Of The Century
  • Sale Of The Century
  • LostAlone
  • Souvenir - A Tribute To Cable

This is a cover we did right at the start of LostAlone. Its by a band from our hometown called Cable, hugely influential on many of todays bands. They play tonight for the first time in YEARS and we’re going! :) Very excited to see them! If you enjoy then we recommend the WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK album

Lickleyhead Castle, Aberseenshire, Scotland

Game of Thrones’ actress Rose Leslie (Ygritte) was born at this castle and, it is currently for sale!

Lickleyhead Castle is thought to have been built in 1560 by William Leith, quite possibly on the site of an earlier structure. It was bought by the Forbes family in 1625: John Forbes added a stair tower on the SW corner, and the 1629 date stone above the main entrance. The castle was sold to the Duff family in 1723, and later to the Lumsdens.

In 1922 the castle was sold to Don Guillermo de Landa y Escamdon, the Governor of Mexico City, for his daughter Maria Luz who had married into the Arbuthnott-Leslie family. The castle remained a residence of Clan Leslie until it was put up for sale in 2013.


Estate for sale:

  • Sussex, England
  • Offers over £8,950,000
  • Early 16th Century
  • Grade II Listed
  • Swimming Pool and Tennis COurt
  • Approx. 312 acres
  • Formal Gardens
  • Croquet Lawn
  • Stables
  • Gate Lodge
  • Chapel
  • Well
  • Cottages
  •

Garage Sale Find

While driving around the neighborhood, we stopped by a garage sale and picked up these Eichler-esque globe pendant lights made by Eagle MFG. Co. of California. Original Eichler lights were made by Lightolier. The seller says these were original to his home circa 1947. After a bit of haggling, we got all three (plus an extra globe) for……drumroll please……..$7.00!!! These will replace the Ikea “Fado" globe lights we’ve been using thus far. Pretty nifty, eh? - Via