Adolf Loos 

Adolf Loos(December 1870-August 1933)was an Austrian -Czechoslavak Architect . Adolf Loos influenced European Modern Architecture. Loos wrote Ornament and Crime essay. Loos abandoned the aesthetic principles of the Vienna Secession. Through his essay discuss the body of theory and criticism of modernism in architecture.Adolf Loos essay consists the provocative catchphrase . Through Ornament and Crime Loos demonstrate the development of the culture connect with the abandonmende ornament - The crime is about the artist that offer a lot of time to create the objects of culture and culture increase their destruction. Interior feature is the abstract panels shapes with different material such as marble , exotic wood etc.

Loos believe that the visual distinction is between organic and superfluous decoration not between complicated and simple .

Loos works : Looshaus- Goldman Salatsch building (Right Picture)

                     Villa Mueller (Left Picture )

                      Casa Steiner