5 Reasons Why EMS Doesn’t Deserve Higher Pay

1) We Don’t Deserve Anything

Like I said, to say you “deserve” something implies that it’s somehow owed to you. Jobs are a two-way agreement. You show up and do your job as expected, and you get compensated at the rate that you agreed to work for. We weren’t forced into this job. We applied, interviewed, tested and ACCEPTED a job offer that included an hourly rate. We gave our word that we would do our job to the best of our abilities for an agreed-upon salary. By going out and now complaining or making demands, we have effectively gone back on our word.

2) We Need Higher Educational Standards

Can I say that again? WE NEED HIGHER EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS. You want to picket about something? Picket about that! And no, higher pay doesn’t come first. You don’t go to your local mediocre burger joint and voluntarily pay them double what they normally charge with the hopes that it will somehow motivate them to make a better burger. So why should our employers do it? After all, if all we’ve been able to accomplish is to compare ourselves to fast food workers, then we have accomplished nothing. You want better pay? Produce a better product.

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Sorry millennials, but grad school isn’t turning into much better jobs 

While the pursuit of higher education might be making millennials a bit smarter, it’s not helping them get jobs or make any more money, according to a new study from Payscale and Millennial Branding, a millennial-centric research firm.

The study sampled approximately 350,000 millennials, 520,000 Generation Xers and 270,000 baby boomers and compared their degree levels, their salaries and their underemployment. According to the data, millennials are the most educated and academically qualified — but they’re also the most underemployed and making the least money.

Why you should think twice about grad school

The richest executives are saying they can’t afford to pay $15 now, when what they make in a single day is what they’re paying their workers for a whole year.
—  James Lane, Green Party candidate for District 11 in New York City. Watch Democracy Now! for exclusive video coverage of the “Fight for $15” protests today.

Robert Downey Jr. is featured twice in the latest edition of the annual Guinness World Records book.

  • Fastest to reach 1 million followers on Twitter:  On April 11-12, he reached a million followers in just 23 hours.
  • Highest annual earnings for a film actor:  A record he shares with Tom Cruise, RDJ earned $76.6 million dollars between June 2012 and June 2013.

Guinness World Records 2015 is available in bookstores now.

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The highest-paid woman on TV makes $11M more than the highest paid-man — but the fight isn’t over

In addition to the $325,000 she makes per episode on Modern Family, the majority of Vergara’s earnings come from endorsement deals with companies that include CoverGirl, Head & Shoulders, Diet Pepsi, Synthroid and AT&T. She is also in the midst of a 12-year deal with Kmart, hoping to bring Hispanic clients to the box store giant, as well as being the cofounder of Latin World Entertainment, a Hispanic talent management and entertainment marketing firm. Add on film roles and a newly launched perfume and it’s just simple math to rack up $37 million. 

Kutcher, for his part, earned his $26 million through his role on Two and a Half Men, as well as via tech investments. 

Vergara’s success has routinely been met with  controversy | Follow micdotcom