Right to unemployment with full salary
Youth pension instead of retirement pension
Abolishment of compulsory education
Creation of centers for physical love, so-called Mitfickzentralen (literally “fuckpooling centers”)
Abolition of police
Legalization of all drugs
Abolition of the right to demonstrate with prior announcement (abolition of distinction between permitted and not permitted)
Totale Rückverdummung (“total restupidification”) and balkanisation of Germany
Reconstitute the German borders from 1237 (a satire on the aim of some German extreme-right parties to restore the German borders during the time of Nazism and WWII - or WWI)

anonymous said:

So based off your recent post, you are angry at people for trying to help one another, even though it involves addressing an issue? You do realize this is the same thing as a woman being raped and you not wanting to help bring the issue to light, help her get through it and raise money for awareness of the issue, right? Same exact thing, but you are just adding racism to the mix. Maybe people like helping one another, regardless of race and maybe it sucks but money DOES help in that fight.

the situation: white people asking the black and brown students they “serve” to relive the debilitating trauma they suffered as their parents/siblings were murdered in order to convince rich white people (the physical representations of the system and correlated privilege that propagated the violence that killed the family member(s) of the black and brown students) to pay the salaries of the guilty, less rich white people doing the convincing. 

likening the situation to your analogy but without your flawed logic and denial of truth: men asking women to describe the details of their violent rape to a room full of rapists in order to convince the rapists to pay the salaries of the men pretending to do anti-rape advocacy work. 

have a seat and a blessed day pig. 

theorajones said:

Did Megg, Cain or any of the DashCon staff draw a salary for their work on Dashcon? Are they continuing to do so for Emoti-con? Where did the funds for Emoti-con come from, if not Dashcon's treasury? If the funding for Emoti-con was previously Dashcon money and/or Megg and Cain are/were paid employees, how is this justifiable when there are so many people still owed money by Dashcon?

Please understand that I was never staff at DashCon, only a volunteer, panelist, and attendee so any questions tied to things like the Behind the Scenes of DashCon’s running and the like I can only give my best speculated answers on based on what I know and observe.

As far as I am aware, and I will say this with somewhat certainty. NO there were no salaries paid out for DashCon. From what I know from personal discussions with Megg and Cain of how the con left them, I can say that rumor is absolutely baseless.

I suppose the closest thing to a “salary” that any of the staff drew was that their rooms were comped for the convention (similar to what was done for Baker Street Babes and other guests staying at the hotel), but when everything went down on Friday, people with comped rooms were getting locked out left and right, which was causing an obscene deal of stress outside the operations office, so I’d not exactly say this was the best benefit.

The funds for Emoti-Con were NOT drawn from DashCon. I will say that once and for all. Most of the initial starting cash came out of pocket from Megg and Cain, and from there ticket sales.

The big misconception, I’ve learned, is that people believe DashCon made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Megg and Cain had, and still do have, every intention of paying back their creditors in full, but (again, from what I’ve gleaned) they found the assets of DashCon were greatly misrepresented to them.

I’ve done my best to get as much information about the situation as possible from Megg, as I wanted to know what I was signing on for before joining Emoti-Con in a professional capacity, and Megg was incredibly helpful and tried to tell me as much as she could. However the dissolution of DashCon is currently tied up in a bunch of legal red tape and she could disclose very little to me.

What I do know is this. The only real thing that we have from DashCon was the convention time and venue. The reason for this is such: when it became clear to Megg and Cain that DashCon was going to be dissolved, they were left with the fact that they had already made a deposit (and this was before the two big DashCon debacles) on the ICC and had a contract with them. As Megg mentioned in her post here, cancelling the contracts would have resulted in a $120,000 fine. Instead they chose to bite the bullet and utilize the venue for another convention, in an attempt to make up for the failings of DashCon and put on the convention that they wanted DashCon to be.

That is why I joined. From what I’ve seen, Megg and Cain have done a great deal to make sure that things don’t go the way DashCon did. My biggest observations from when I was working volunteer at DashCon was that A) there was little to no internal communication between staff and B) the individual duties of each admin were all over the place and no one seemed to know who had what responsibility.

I think one thing that screwed Megg and Cain over as owners was, from what I saw, they were unaware of what financially and contractually was going on in their own company. That is something that they should not have done. The two of them shared a 50% stake and they were completely ignorant of what was going on. They trusted Roxanne, the other 50% co-owner and Business Manager, to handle things for them. And since I barely saw Roxanne in the convention and most of the cluster-fucks that happened were financial or contractual, I think she needs to own up to her own failings.

I am not saying that Megg or Cain are completely blameless here. However, the internet has seen fit to call for their heads, regardless of anything they do to explain or rectify the situation.

Anyway, I can tell you now Emoti-Con is being run very differently. There is communication about everything. Everyone is kept up to speed and working together to get what needs to be done, done. Furthermore, we all have set responsibilities within the organization which allows us to work more efficiently and make sure the correct person is handling each task. We’ve all been pretty thoroughly vetted, and were not brought on simply because “we wanted to help out,” which has been arguably the most reassuring thing out of the entire process.

So to answer your final question: We are doing this because we want to put on a con. I personally had a good time at DashCon, and know that had the two major incidents not occured, DashCon would have been a pretty good success. I wanted to do this to make a con that was everything DashCon should have been, because as an attendee I saw the potential it had.

As I mentioned above we have not used anything from DashCon except for the convention center, and we certainly haven’t used any funds or other assets from there. Megg and Cain almost definitely didn’t draw a salary, and fronted the initial funds for the con.

And what most people seem to forget is that a lot of the staff were volunteers and panelists at DashCon too. I haven’t been reimbursed. DashCon owes me nearly $600, between Room, Badge, and Donation. However, I realize that Megg and Cain are doing their best to get everyone what they’re owed even if it’s not the full amount, and I am PATIENT. I certainly want to be reimbursed, but I know that there are a lot of mitigating factors that are holding it up, and know for a FACT that Megg and Cain aren’t somehow riding high on the millions of dollars people seem to think they stole from DashCon.

Anyway, I hope this answered your questions, it was long, rambly, and overly-thorough, but I wanted to air out as much as I can. If I didn’t answer anything to your satisfaction or I raised more questions, do not hesitate to ask.

anonymous said:

Cble, pls let "too old at 24 to do med" person know its totally do-able! I'm 25 and just about to finish first year undergrad med. I did umat not gamsat bc from v v non-science-y background too and gamsat seemed too scary :D... absolutely LOVING it! miss my old salary and am poor as... but learning all the things and looking forward to future clinical years is the SO EXCITING!

Yayyyyyy hello future colleague x

BRITISH INVASION: Concerned about one specific ginger


So apparently next year the Brits are invading the Philippines. First we have Bastille, then 1975, then THE VAMPS, then 1D (of course, we all know about this) and then ED FRIGGING SHEERAN! God, my most favorite ginger will be coming here and I can’t even express how badly I want to see him! I didn’t get to see Tay, mostly because her tix are so impossible for me to reach. God, 2K GA is like ugh. But, Ed’s are more budget friendly tbh and I feel like its so close to reality my only problem is concert tix starts to go on sale October 8, and I don’t have my salary yet. I cry.

I’m now accepting gifts for my birthday: strictly concert tickets or books only. HA HA HA.


Wall Street made more in bonuses than the combined salary of every American on minimum wage

According to the Institute for Policy Studies, 2013 was the year the New York financial industry’s bonus pool exceeded the cumulative annual earnings of the 1 million Americans working full-time at the federal minimum wage. Wall Street’s 165,200 employees got a total of $26.7 billion in bonuses — payments made on top of their normal salary and commissions — or more than enough to double the salary of the 1,085,000 Americans working 40 hours or more at $7.25.

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Walmart custodial worker charged with felony theft after being caught eating junk food on camera. She admits to pinching junk food off the shelves over the course of eight years. Why? She couldn’t afford the food — despite her enormous earnings of more than $11.00 per hour, well above the typical sales associate’s pay. Don’t worry: Walmart’s CEO will still earn his $35 million this year. He makes more in an hour than most of his employees make in a year. Oh, and Winters will probably do more time behind bars than anyone responsible for the Bengali sweat shop fire that killed 116 last year.

(AOL Jobs Newsletter) Winters allegedly was caught by the store’s surveillance cameras eating Oreos that she hadn’t paid for during her evening shifts at a Walmart in Portage, Ind. In response, Walmart Stores Inc. notified police and Winters was charged with felony theft, which could result in jail time for the woman described by Chicago TV station WBBM as the “Oreo Grandma.”

According to the report obtained by, Winters confessed to authorities that she had stolen cookies at the store in Portage, a city of 36,000 on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. And she’s reportedly conceded that she’s been eating — and not paying for — Oreos, gum and potato chips for more than eight years while working night shifts for Walmart.

According to TheSmokingGun, she told a Walmart investigator that she “simply did not have the monies to legitimately purchase the food items.”

As was reported by CBS-affiliate WBBM, Winters has been earning $11.40 an hour at Walmart — putting her above many of her colleagues at the giant retail chain, which employs about 1.4 million Americans. An incoming sales associate typically earns $8.87 an hour.

After posting bail earlier this week, Penny Winters was released from jail as her case continues.