When applying for a job, always put "negotiable" when the application asks about your desired salary. Try to avoid talking about money and benefits until after they make you an offer.

A company is more likely to agree to a higher salary after they’ve decided that they want you for the job. This is due to a psychological tendency called “loss aversion”. If you bring up money before the offer is made, it could hurt your chances of even being considered if it’s higher than they expect to pay. 

Great news! This obscure rule could give millions of Americans a raise 

In February, President Barack Obama could with the stroke of a pen make major progress toward reviving stagnant wages.

Under his direction, the Department of Labor is expected to update and expand regulations that require employers to provide their salaried employees with overtime pay, and it will have consequences for millions.

Turns out Avicii earns $150-200K a show. When he talks about playing live, he describes it as follows: “I guess I think like deep inside, I know that it’s like, it’s a different kind of performing, it’s not really. … I’m not really doing much, you know, like technically it’s not that hard.”

So, deep down inside, he knows Andy Samberg isn’t so far off. Multiply Avicii’s rate by the 250-plus shows he performs a year, and he brings in $50 million annually. The average American earns, conservatively, an average of $49,465.38 a year. So, it would take him or her 1,010 years to make what Avicii does in one. One year of getting onstage, pressing play and dancing.