Spring Panzanella with Quick Pickled Watermelon Radishes.

When it comes to routine vs. variety in the kitchen, my preferences lie somewhere in the middle—I’ll find a dish or a food I like, and eat it on repeat for a week or two, or a season. Most of my repeat dishes are seasonally dictated, particularly when it comes to salads. (Ahem: I have much less glamorous routine foods, like, say my addiction to stevia root beer and peanut butter pretzels.)

Needless to say, I’ve been desperate for this season’s go-to. So. Ready your salad bowls, ‘cause this panzanella is coming in for landing, featuring the most divine quick pickled watermelon radishes, sugar snap peas, avocado, feta, and dill. 

Read more, and get the recipe here.

anonymous asked:

if you were a chef and you had to turn each member of one direction into items of a salad who would be what and why?

This is so difficult because I don’t like salads! What even is a salad? What even goes into a salad?!

*After some googling of salad ingredients*

Right Louis would be chopped tomatoes or cherry tomatoes because they are my fav and Louis is my fav!
Harry would be the lettuce because he to the public is probably as some people would put “the leader” of the band.
Niall would be those little croutons you get at Pizza Hut because their little and funny and they look blonde.
Liam would be the salad cream because he seems to be the one who holds everyone together in their time of need and gives everyone a bit of flavour!
Lastly Zayn would be the fork that comes with a prepared salad because even though he isn’t a part of the band no more he’s still always there.

Here’s the popcorn bowl sized salad! Only a whopping 220 calories. I used 2 romaine heads, 3 roma tomatoes, some purple onion, & one avocado. Seasoned with a bit of apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. I still have 354 calories left so I plan to snack on some chicken breast later :) today has been successful & I hope yours has been, too!

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