YouTube rolled out a new feature and they were like ‘Hey! Wanna try it out?’ and I was like, well, huh.

I’ve always been on a ‘I really don’t want to ever accept donations’ policy because, well, it feels weird. I hate the idea of asking for donations, unless it’s for a charity or something to that caliber. But then I realized that, over the time I’ve been making videos, every once in a while there’s a different random individual who asks me “Hey! How can I throw money at your face?” - well, sometimes in different wording, but that’s the gist of it.

I always told them to just watch the content and be happy, but something hit me the other day. I don’t want to ever become a charity case, but I also want to make sure I am able to properly support myself and the family that helped raise me. If someone GENUINELY wished to do something like that, why should I keep declining?

With that said, I am NOT asking for donations, I will still NEVER do that. So do not see this as a request for anything, please. The only reason I am even making this post is for the people who have asked me over the years, and showing them that if they did want to do so, they are able to do so now.

Please do not feel bad you cannot support, please never feel upset or sorry that you aren’t able to do so - this is ENTIRELY an informational post, NOT a post to draw people in to ask for financial support. 

Every one of you are just as amazing as the last, money isn’t something that would change that - yes even the creepy ones. I just wanted to thank you for letting me in your lives. Even if it’s for a brief time before you move on to the next dork who plays video games, or you grow up and out of the idea of watching such content. Without that I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t be able to support those I love and not struggle day to day, crying over bills piling up that I am sure a lot of you have lived through at one time or another in your lives.

Just, thank you. From the bottom of my stupid man-child heart. Thank you for giving me this chance.


For those who don’t do the Twitter thing, I helped Amarante with their new album via some vocals.

Here’s a teaser. :D

In as much as one can without it going to actual brother fucking, definitely. He said time and time again that the boys and their relationship was the heart of the show, the very core of everything. That the show was the epic love story of sam and dean. He wrote a show about two boys who lived in each other’s pockets and loved each other so much that their love alone saved the entire planet. He started off writing a show about monsters, originally wanting to make a show that was a horror movie a week, but he fell in love with his own characters. He loved jared and jensen’s chemistry and got so wrapped up in the boys he created that them and their relationship became the entire show. And he went as far as to make episodes that actually broke the fourth wall and talked about wincest, tossed in an actual wincest fanfic and shipping cosplayers.

No one but him could say if he actually digs slash shipping or not [I wouldn’t bet on it], but in the sense that he loves sam and dean’s love? Very, very much so. I mean, just -


Si! It’s one of the best things England has made! I especially like the play ‘Caesar’…though just don’t tell Romano I stabbed his caesar dressing again…hehe….