More Anime USA photos are up on my Flickr, but taking a break for a while. Here’s one of the previews from the amazing Disney Villains photo shoot I photographed. All of the ladies were amazing! :D

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Cosplayer(s): Sakuranym.   
Character(s)Ursula (based on this design).
Series: Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
Event: Anime USA 2012
Location: WDC Marriott Wardman Park. Washington, DC.
Photography: Katsuya (me!)
Flickr Set Here

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I don’t normally do content aggregation stuff, but I really want to share some of the amazing custom Unicorno designs up for vote over at! It uses a facebook app to vote, but it doesn’t post anything without your permission, so even if you’re paranoid like me, you should go out and vote for your favorite one!

The bubbly Unicorno (entry #116) is by sakuranym and the galaxy Unicorno (entry #152) is by gweakles. If you know any of the other artist’s tumblrs, let me know, and I’ll update this post!

In less pointless news look at this cute as heck plushie i got from sakuranym today at CHS Otakufest! It was a blast of a one day con, wow! Didn’t expect it to be so awesome for something so seemingly small :) If i’m in the area next year and it doesn’t overlap with sakuracon I’d deffintely go again :D 

If you bought something from me thank you!! I hope you will enjoy it, it means a lot that you liked my stuff enough to buy it awww @u@. 

On to Sakuracon next week!


Baltimore Comic Con was a blast!

Went with the ferocious and mighty insidiousmuppet!  After waiting several hours for the opening, we threw money at all manner of nerdery.  His conquests mostly consisted of kaiju and the spontaneous combustion of his enemies (along with a fantastic King Diamond print).  Here is some of the stuff that I brought back (mostly for reasons of WHAUG I WANT THIS).

In the back, we have the Little Moon God and Little Sun God plush figures from sakuranym.  She was also kind enough to five me a free little art card print of the Little Moon God (not pictured).  With the two gods, we have several fancy pokemon figures and two extra fancy Kamen Riders!  One of the gems of my haul, however, is the severely displeased Mareep (made by savethewailes, who also had fantastic baby Groots and Kaiju stickers).  In an ironic turn, the comics are actually from a subsequent stop to Atomic Books (also where the Alchemy and Mysticism book came from).