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“I asked you to stay out of it for a reason,” Sasuke explained, his tone jolted with irritation, a level he hasn’t revealed to her in some time. This wasn’t a moment when interference could fade, transformed into aid simply due to her willingness to give her strength to him. “You claim to care and I know now that you do. I know the value in that. But this is none of your business.”

Sasuke scoffed, shifting his head in the opposite direction, missing the frustration resonating in her hurt stare. He had no choice in the matter. “You never change,” he added dismissively, no sense of aggravation fleeing his tone. “You’re so damn annoying. This is my problem, one I created because of my own hatred. Stay out of it.”

“You have no idea how easy it is to slip back into the person I used to be when you keep trying to pry into an issue that has nothing to do with you. If you want to help so bad, leave me alone.” The Uchiha shook his head, a halted breath being released in the action. He had to force her out of his agenda. Death was intertwined too easily in the concept of his past. The mistakes he made, the people he hurt, they wouldn’t stop trailing the flames he set back then. The embers may have drifted, but there was nothing as binding as revenge. “I know it’s something your brain could never fully comprehend no matter how simple the concept. I don’t need you getting in my way. Got it? Or is that not enough to let you know I don’t want you here?”

The kunoichi’s resolve wasn’t simply broken by mere words, Sasuke knew her all too well. His eyes narrowed, the animosity that died there had been brought to the surface. “Being a nuisance is something you excel in. You just can't stop and think that maybe for once, you’re presence is unwanted. What good could a worthless medical ninja do for me when all you’ve accomplished is walking behind those stronger than you? Your vile attempt to be useful is failing. It never worked to begin with. I’m not going to accept any help, which makes you unnecessary. Leave already.”

anonymous asked:

Im surprised that you are pretty layed back on the whole sasusaku thing and sarada possibly being karins kid.

I’m kind of an asshole when it comes to stuff like this, not gonna lie.

I just REALLY don’t care for it, lets put it that way.

oochako asked:

i love your nozachiyo kids they're just s o cute and precious!! do you have any hc's about them or the nozachiyo family in general? ´・ᴗ・`

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I wanted to make a proper reply for this but i lack art skills so here you go

First, the older one LOVEs Chiyo with passion, perhaps because he enjoy’s Nozaki’s reactions or maybe because his mom is the cutest mom, probably both

second: in my headcanon, nozaki and sakura have 3 children so everytime sakura was pregnant she asked nozaki for so many different food, a lot of food, so she gets a little chubby <333333 (nozaki is more than happy to cook for her)

THIRD; this is more a nozakura hc but since this happen when they’re already married its considered family oK idk but for me Nozaki is really manly and im sure he is so in SO mANY WAYS but sakura is a pure angel and will never get used to his manliness, its just too much for her