Free As A Bird — Kabir:

“I fly as a bird,
my wings the Word,
Saith Kabir I’m free,
my Satguru liberates me.
My consciousness awoke
Only the Word did resound,
And then beyond the Pind and And-Anand,
my True Home I found.”
(Guru Kabir)

Commentary: “Saint Kabir says that our movement is that of a bird (represented by the Shabd [Sound Current]); and that the Satguru has given us the key. With the resounding of Shabd, the doors have been flung open, that this Desh [realm] BEYOND Pind [the material realm] and And [the astral realm] is ours.”

—  Kabir hymn and commentary from, The Secret of Realization, by H.N. Saksena
Tisca Chopra in Tisha Saksena

Tisca Chopra in Tisha Saksena

Tisca Chopra attended the Godrej Easy Rahat Ek Abhiyan campaign for underprivileged kids earlier today in Mumbai.

She looked gorgeous in a pink and purple kurta set with farshi pyjma and multicolored dupatta from Tisha Saksena.

The look was paired off perfectly with a side-swept braid, gold jewellery and clutch.

Love H2T!


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