Day 14 :: Lies

Everything changed. You and me.
— Day 356, Saïx secret report


This is easily my favorite cutscene from Days and one of my favorites from all games. I can’t help but think that the real friendship Saix refers to is the friendship between Axel and himself. He wants Axel to understand what is real and what is not, the friendship he believes he has with the other two is not the truth, because it was developed while he was Axel, a being without a heart, therefore with no emotions. The only true friendship resides when he was still Lea, a real person, so Saix calls his name to make sure he acknowledges that. These two (both individually and as a otp) have grown on me as I play the games, especially Saix.


I shouted with all my heart
But my FEELINGS didn’t reach you
The future that was ours
Will never come to fruition

Like a scar left by an unforgettable dream
Find in that important promise
EMOTIONS that once disappeared

Lyrics: ‘Koe’ and ‘over’ by Arashi


Day 09 :: Flustered / Pastel

Axel’s only defense was that Xion was his friend. That was Xion’s only value, and in the long scheme of things, the worth of a friend was almost equal to nothing.
— Cold Water, Chapter 8 { x }

Day 11 :: Textures

The first question in his mind was no longer ‘Where is Lea?’ The answer was always “not here” anyway.
— Cold Water, Chapter 7 { x }


Day 16 :: Jealousy

At a point in time they had been bound by Isa’s lies that had taken the shape of a string of fate, and that string had been enough to make them both fall into an abyss of darkness that Isa desperately wanted to get them out of. Why was it then that it seemed like the string of fate binding Axel to Roxas and Xion had survived the transition? They only needed to tug it to have the other follow. They didn’t need to voice their need for help, their distress seemed to find its way through the red string and tug at Axel in a way that made him understand that he was needed.

It wasn’t fair.
— Cold Water, Chapter 9 { x }


Day 07 :: Fluffy / First
The first Axel-Saix interaction we see in 358/2 Days.

I just want to point out a few things:

  • that at this point in the game (one of the very first scenes!!!), Axel is not-yet-the-douche/asshole-that-he-will-become-towards-Saïx.
  • that Saïx is still tolerably sarcastic, (Isn’t that right, Axel?) and Axel sasses right back (though less curtly than he would later in the game).
  • that Axel actually smiles at Saïx in that lower right gif while Roxas looks away because he cannot handle the sexual tension happening in front of him, and reassures Saïx rather than shutting him right down (like he would later in the game).

Gdi why isn’t this portrayed the same way in the movie?!