- Starting Over -

India Love
    April 26th , 2013

“I wish I could take away your pain, I wish I could trade places…”

I would of traded anything in the world to keep you from leaving us.

Out of our family, I’m the one that misses you the most.

“When I was born, you were 2. And when I was 2, you were 4. And when I was 4, you were 6. And now I’m just sittin’ here reminiscing…”

We were the closest.

Did everything together.

“You were more than just my brother, we grew up just like best friends…”

I grew up knowing no matter what, you’d be there to protect me from the dangers of the world.

But now, I have to protect myself because no one else is going to do it for me.

No one can take your place Isaiah.

“I’ll love you to your last breath…”

I hated seeing you on your death bed Baby boy.

I never left your side.

I miss hearing your laugh whenever I did something stupid.

Or you yelling you loved me before we’d clap our bedroom lights out together.

Life at home isn’t the same without you.

“Sometimes you gotta walk through the darkness, to get to the light…”

Mommy, Daddy, Andrea and Aliana can’t even look at me the same, I’ve damaged myself so badly.

“I can’t survive without you. I will die without you…”

Everyone says ‘It was 2 years ago India. Live a little. You’ll see him when it’s your time.’

Well what if it was 'my time’ when you left?

“And if the angels call your name. Baby, please tell them you’re staying…”


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