Trying to be the voice of reason in the Sailor Moon Drama.

Since now everyone is finding out who sailormoonspou is I beg you not to send her hate messages on her regular blog. Please don’t lash out on your anger on what she did . Just please be kind to her even if she don’t accept it. As I was going though her page last monday I realized why she felt like I felt last night although I was just down on myself. She felt invisible to the fandom that she loves.  She felt like she has done everything she could do to become friends with the people here and she felt that nobody notice her. She have like post that didn’t have no notes on them.She make these text post about how she feel and nobody don’t reply to see how she was doing just like we do to each other. Like the seven lovely ladies who I love last night did to me. I know the time difference make it diffcult due to fact the pretty much all of us be online around the same time and when she is online we are asleep but sametimes some of us be up around that time. I am not excusing what she did but sometimes it may be hard to say your feelings to someone if you felt like was being not noticed and this was the only way to do so.It’s not the right way but it got everyone attendtion. Yes she make some amazing graphics. I mean they are goreous. I really wish I can do the things she do. She is very talented. I found many things about her that make her a really really cool person. She love Jane Austen, Miyazaki flims and she love Sailor Moon alot. Just becasue she love dub version does not mean she should be look down upon. I grew up on the dub and just because that was the only version I knew and she proably knew untill a few years back should mean I should be look down upon. That goes for every person in this fandom. I said before I will say it again even after this mess I will love to be her friend and talk to her. You know what I will message her and tell her that I  am sorry for anything I have said over the  past two months. I am still offering my hand in friendship. Everyone else should too.


I hope you see this since I can’t get into your ask box:

Sweetie, I don’t know why you have the need to be so concerned about all these ‘famous’ moonie blogs. Why not just run your own blog and make your own circle of friends? I’m sure that you’re not enjoying all this hate coming your way, so why don’t you just let this all go and start a fresh blog? :)
I will definitely come follow your new blog if you choose to make one!
Chin up buttercup ♥


The reason why I asked that question was to address this. This is the only time I am going to address something from you know who. That’s why I ask that question because I thought some blogs found me because I am friends with some of the “tumblr famous” (I dislike that word a lot). I should not let her words get to me since it’s not true at all.I never kiss ass to get followers even tho I am still a very small blog.Just because I support my friends doesn’t mean I am kissing ass.  Also the fact I was not even nominated in the Moonie awards. I didn’t get mad all because I knew it was just a fun thing for the fandom.  Honestly, I can give a damn if they are “tumblr famous” in the Sailor Moon fandom because they are people just like me and I treat them like such. We all have lives that we live outside of tumblr. Tumblr is just a small part of us. We love all having fun when we do things for this fandom. We don’t do it for the fame or a obligation. WE DO IT FOR OURSELVES FIRST. If someone else sees it and like that’s a much added bonus.We earn every follower we get and It doesn’t just come on a silver plate. With the answers I just received on how people find my blog I realized that I did earn my followers.I know that but it just extra insurance and it feels good. The reason why because someone actually loves what I do besides me. I did try to reach out to her and ask why she is doing this but every time she respond back it’s with more hostility with the blogs. I felt like I was the moderator on the fence and I got tired being that way so that’s when I wrote that post.  This time I am not doing that at all because it’s not worth doing it. Also with the song “Clique” by Kanye  was not even referring to her.(Also it was not a video, It was from  spotify.) I was taking about my friends IRL and on here which is alot of people. Also the fact Jen like that song too. I was bullied when I was younger like most of you. It brother me when I was younger been when I got to a certain age, I realized I was not going to let those people get to me anymore. I was not going to let their words calling me a cry baby, or fat turn me into a bitter person. By the grace of God their words didn’t. I hope the people who teased me are doing well.  I do pray for her. I pray to God to wrap his arms around her because I believe the situation in her life is way deeper than Sailor Moon. Yes, I am not a Psychologists so I don’t know anything at all and never had a counseling session but guess what? I do want to get my masters in counseling in which I did talked to counselors to gain more infro and do have this as a start :

It’s doesn’t have Psychology on it but that was my major so I know certain things. I am not flaunting it but I am damn sure proud of it. That’s one thing that I can say I worked way harder for then my work on here. No one can take that away from me. So guys I love you. This is the really the last thing I am saying. She can throw all the stones she want to. I am not picking them up and throwing back at her because it’s not worth it. 

Sick of the Sailor Moon Tumblr famous, Sailor Moon snobs and their whole attitude towards others and…

To everyone in the fandom, just block this blog and avoid it. It’s clearly a blog about OP stating that they’re better than a majority of the fandom.

Sure you are. Because reblogging posts with nasty comments and posting about how unfair people are just because they’re calling you out on your behavior is such a nice way of getting your anger out and making friends. /sarcasm

Just stick with your regular blog and graphic making. Those are much more better than being a jerk to people. Just saying

(Okay, okay. I promise this is the last time I talk about this blog)







(P.S. And no, I will not accept your subtle form of homophobia as “who you are”, that just gives me more reasons to not like you as a person unless somehow you see your error and change. Otherwise, you have no respect from me.)

Dear Sailor Moon popular blogs hate blog

Here is a message for you. (Since you don’t have an ask box)

And I won’t use swearing or insults in this (because I think you don’t take those well)

Let me say though that I’m sorry you were bullied. And I completely understand what it’s like to feel like an outcast among popular people.

But you know what, you don’t really need popularity to be happy. Finding people who share the same interests as you and then eventually becoming friends is really great. It really is.

But apparently to you, that doesn’t matter. It seems that you blame them for not noticing you and going so far as to make a hate blog about how those “awful snobs” ignore you and make fun of you.

And I just feel sorry for you because you can’t seem to understand that just creating this blog is just unnecessary drama. And that reblogging those posts with your comments is just being terrible.

Here’s the thing. It sucks that you were bullied. It always sucks to be bullied. But that is no excuse to bully these people by reblogging with your hateful comments. I’m sorry to say that you’re being one at this point.

And seriously, why are you wasting your time with this blog? It’s just plain stupid to spend time hating on people just because you got off on the wrong foot with them before making the blog.

So here’s some advice: Just delete this blog and move on. Seriously, I can’t emphasize this enough every time I see your comments. Just move on. This drama is just ridiculous and unnecessary.


Mitte Jane, a Sailor Moon fan that’s tired of this drama in a fandom about a series that promotes LOVE and FRIENDSHIP

I’m not even going to say anything on your views of homosexuality because wow

I’m a lesbian and I could say the exact same stuff about straight people but I don’t feel that way so….