Closeup of my Chibiusa inspired Rococo Punk outfit and wig i made a few years back, and wore for @leagueofsteam ‘s latest episode “Eye of Odin” (you can watch at YouTube/leagueofsteam).

Made the dress from scratch, and constructed the wig from 3 other wigs, a pegasus, and lotsa flowers! Also did my own makeup (super intense, i know lol)

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photo 1: Me cosplaying as Sally Skellington, posing with Zero and Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

photo 2: An amazing cosplay of Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon series)

Photo 3: Sailor Neptune and Uranus cosplayers (Sailor Moon Series)

Photo 4: DANNY SEXBANG!!!  (Youtube: Ninja Sex Party)

Photo 5: SEXY KANEKI-KUN COSPLAYYYYYY!!!! (Tokyo Ghoul: Square Root of A)

Photo 6: Astrid Hafferson (How to train Your Dragon)

Photo 7: Team Rocket cosplay, he was a very nice guy IRL (Pokemon)

Photo 8: Usagi Tsukino, known as Sailor Moon! ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE COSPLAY (Sailor Moon)