Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Perfect Edition manga series covers. Released during 2013 and 2014, these featured brand new cover art by Naoko Takeuchi, as well as digitally mastered and updated internal art.

Pretty Frilly Sailor Soldiers
Katsucon 2015 Preview

You need two things to acquire photos at the infamous Katsucon Gazebo: CHUTZPAH and FRILLS!

And this group had it in SPADES! *swoons*

Designs by NoFlutter


Sailor Moon - Angelica Cosplay
Sailor Mercury - Elemental
Sailor Mars - Vickybunnyangel Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter - Cassimonee Photography and Cosplay
Sailor Venus - Jelly Cosplay
Sailor Neptune - Nomadic-Goldfish Cosplay
Sailor Saturn - Shushuwafflez Creative Studio
Sailor Pluto - Calamity

(Not pictured, more shots coming up!)
Princess Serenity - Ellysetta Rain Cosplay
Queen Beryl - Melting Mirror Cosplay
Sailor Chibi-Moon - Jayuna Cosplay


I (mostly) finished my sailor moon gashapon compact shadowbox! It just needs anti-glare glass, as you can see…. ha ha ha ha.

Shadowbox is a pre-made one, backing board is acid free and airbrushed then hand detailed by me to look like a shoujo manga background.

This was a fun project! I’m happy to have all of them together and ready to go on my wall after all these years wanting.

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