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Hi, everybody! Today I wanted to share my custom Paint Tool SAI brushes. As you can see they’re nothing special, nothing fancy. These are the configurations that I find most comfortable to work with. Some of them I believe are the default ones. My favourite one is the brush! That’s the one I use in 99% of my art. 

I use the Pen to sketch/ink/add base colours. Brush to add shading, Water and Airbrush to blend (the combo I use constantly is Brush first and then blend with Water), and Marker sometimes for adding extra touches or blending certain areas that require special texturing (like half transparencies or metal). 

Day 303 - Tamazarashi | タマザラシ | Spheal

Tamazarashi roll about on the ice, but they aren’t heavy enough to crack the ice. They’re too buoyant to dive so they float about, happily. They filter the salt from arctic waters so they can drink it.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Welcome back to scowling people in swooshy armor.

This is my part of a trade with hoolygun: ladyknight Constance who has such, such eyebrows.

The ‘prompt’ was “go nuts”, light armor/travelling clothes, fur, masculine, practical.
I think I kept it all pretty practical. There are even pieces on there with no swirlies at all! It’s a bit of a variation on what she’s wearing in her charahub profile pic, I guess.
I really enjoyed drawing her! :D

I want to put Constance and Ahri in the same room so they can be armored grumpygrumps together.