Negative Horoscopes
  • Aries:Having relationship problems
  • Taurus:Conceals, doesn't feel
  • Gemini:Good luck with the near future...
  • Cancer:Identity Crisis
  • Leo:*Squidward voice* Whatever
  • Virgo:Probably crying
  • Libra:Get over yourself
  • Scorpio:Do the opposite of what you're doing
  • Sagittarius:Your beauty hurts others stop
  • Capricorn:Don't get too excited
  • Aquarius:Your anxiety has anxiety
  • Pisces:You were almost there, and then you fucked up
Facts about Sagittarius Women:
  • They have the strongest sex appeal.
  • SW have a dirty mind, are dirty talkers.
  • To seduce SW you have to be funny.
  • SW won’t tell you stuff about herself directly, you need to put the effort into discovering her.
  • Nothing is off limits in the bedroom.
  • SW give off the first impression of being calm and serious/ innocent but they turn out to be complete freaks.
  • SW don’t like girls/ boys, we like women/men.
  • SW are often envious but never jealous.
  • SW can’t resist bad guys.
  • If a SW is smiling, she is either:
  1. Remembering something funny
  2. Not up to something good.
  • Ask her to describe her wildest sex fantasy and you will be listening to her all day.
  • SW tend to be a little mischievous but they mean well.
  • SW need a silly yet intellectual partner.
  • SW have an intensely physical side that needs satisfaction.
  • She loves when you go after what you want; her.
  • SW are sex fairies. You wish, they grant.
  • SW will not stand for overly jealous, clingy and possessive people.
  • SW are usually surrounded by guys, they’re usually her best friends. She loves not being so girly all the time.
  • SW likes a gentleman.
  • SW are most likely to have car sex.
  • They like it raunchy.
  • SW motto: Freaks come out at night!
  • SW are friendly not flirty, if they were flirt they’d have passed third base ages ago.
  • SW can be intimidating to men because they are independent and can hold their own. They will never need a man.
  • SW are not the most graceful people around but they can make clumsiness look damn sexy.
  • When SW meet the right person, friend or partner, they become really sincere.
  • They like a guy who is: Able to challenge them, who is loud, proud and confident.
  • They want someone who knows that they are not perfect but treats them as if they are.


Source: thesagwoman

Sagittarian's Love Combinations

SAGITTARIUS AND ARIES Both share a similar approach to sex (they make the most of every opportunity). Add to this a mutual love of the outdoors and a fondness for socializing, and you can see why they get along. They’re also intellectually well suited: Both have a wide range of interests and love to talk about them. Sagittarius is more philosophical about problems than Aries, who becomes more personally involved. The one question mark is their combustible temper. Arguments are heated but short-lived, and the making up will be fun. A perfect match.

SAGITTARIUS AND TAURUS Taurus wants to run things, but Sagittarius won’t be controlled. Sagittarius needs change, variety, and adventure. That proves irritating to steady, disciplined, home-loving Taurus. Taurus approves of tried-and-true ways of doing things, but Sagittarius will try anything. Blunt Sagittarius will say what it thinks at the drop of a hat, and that brings Taurus’s temper to a slow simmer. There are also money problems, since Sagittarius gambles today while Taurus hoards for tomorrow. A short future for this pair.

SAGITTARIUS AND GEMINI They’re both restless, adventuresome, imaginative, and fun-loving. No other opposite signs in the zodiac enjoy each other more than these two. There’ll be shooting stars in the bedroom for a while, but when the fireworks fizzle the bickering begins. Both have bright minds, but Sagittarius is outspoken and bossy, while Gemini likes to poke verbal fun. Too rootless and discontent to settle down, they eventually both succumb to the siren call of other interests, other loves. But parting should be amicable.

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Facts About Sagittarian Women:

SW= Sagittarian woman/ women

  • A SW may easily offend and not apologize.
  • SW want to feel protected not controlled.
  • SW want you, they don’t need you.
  • SW need to learn how to stay calm during an argument rather than letting anger get the best of them.
  • SW can’t focus for a long time.
  • SW will make sure you never forget them.
  • Ever hear someone say,”I don’t bite”? Well, it certainly didn’t come from a SW ;)
  • You will never meet another woman with a sense of humor a SW has.
  • A SW doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her desires.
  • As a SW, we need to remember not to bury ourselves emotionally and talk to others.
  • SW tend to be a little weird, not that they don’t love it.
  • SW know that when there is a problem, there is also a solution.
  • Nothing catches the attention of a SW more than being ignored.
  • In an argument SW will never back down.
  • There isn’t anything a SW won’t do for her loved ones.
  • SW need to be 100% sure before making a commitment, no doubts.
  • Sags are very choosy with friends, so you can imagine how they are with lovers.
  • SW like doing the opposite.
  • Most of the time SW that if they have a doubt about something or someone then it might not be meant to be.
  • SW become almost obsessed with their methods of finding out the truth.
  • They aren’t fools, they’re 3 steps ahead.
  • SW don’t have time for hate in their lives, they focus more on love and living life to the fullest.
  • SW live life impulsively.

Source: thesagwoman