Look at these guys,can’t wait for their appearance.

Manny, Sara, Sage, Lisa and Me wearing their own outfits for the ClamTato: The Game. These are a few people whom I admire, do follow them. They’re awesome people. ;3

The game itself is still in progress so hakuna your tatas. Didn’t expect that things won’t go my way.


I am so satisfied with this trio you don’t even know. They were all immensely fun to render, and I can’t wait to use them here and there.

I wanted to make some hard candy tinies for a while but these three lovelies inspired how these three cuties ended up. So I have to give credit where it’s due!


Sparking my inspiration/Raz’s base design: @its-sageroot

Gala’s base design/gala’s pose: rabbitinafoxden

(I will be the first to admit that I HEAVILY referenced Gala’s pose from their original base, as it was too perfect for them to pass up)

Vit’s base design: cutesynumsandfluffybums

These three have officially joined the crew, and have been adopted from their respective designers/creators! Thanks so much again to you three, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these cuties in action.

Now for the fun stuff.

Long Post Below!

———— Jollie Biology —————

Body Facts:

  • Though made from a spell that hit a bag of candy, a Jollie’s body is the consistency of a human’s.
  • Jollies lack internal systems like a human.
  • Jollies have no need for food or water, but do require frequent resting.
  • Sometimes for comfort, a Jolly will consume candy of the same type it was made from. This also aids regeneration. (This is not seen as cannibalism because the candy is not sentient and the Jollies do not consider themselves ‘food’.)
  • A Jollie’s body glimmers softly. And though they are not transparent, in the right circumstances, their bodies can throw light like a normal hard candy.
  • A Jollie’s body temperature depends on their environment. They do not melt or warp under extreme heat, nor do they crack under extreme cold.
  • Due to their nature, Jollies are naturally sexless. They do however have different personalities and gender identities. They have no need to wear clothes, as they have no sexual features.
  • Jollies have a strong natural flavor that matches the candy they were created from. This flavor does not go away over time.
  • A Jollie’s body coloration says a lot. Not only is it an indicator of their inherant ‘flavor, but the shade of color is an indicator of touch sensitivity. The darker parts of a Jollie symbolize areas of higher sensitivity to touch. Lighter areas symbolize areas of less sensitivity. Often the most sensitive areas are the face, chest, and the end of the tail. This can vary.

Wing Facts:

  • Though a Jollie’s body does not act like candy, their wings do. Their wings can dissolve, warp, crack/break, etc. However, with rest and concentration, a Jollie can restore their wings within 1-3 hours. The process causes mild discomfort, and is aided by consuming candy of the same essence as the Jollie.
  • Jollies can fly with their wings at the same speed as a hummingbird. They can fly slowly as soon as 20 minutes after regeneration.
  • A Jollie’s wings reflect its emotional state.
  • Sad wings will droop and pale.
  • Angry wings will flit rapidly with no resulting flight and will flash bright colors, often tense.
  • happy or excited wings will sparkle more than usual and perk.
  • Nervous wings will either remain tense or stick out straight behind the Jollie.
  • A Jollie’s wings naturally give off light. They can be as bright as an average glow stick, or be totally ‘shut off’ in situations where giving off light would be undesirable. The amount of light a Jollie’s wings give off is controlled consciously.
  • While asleep, a Jollie’s wings will naturally go limp. They will glimmer or twitch in reaction to dreams or sleep-state.

Tail Facts:

  • Jollies need their tails for the purpose of balance, expression, and comfort.
  • Like a cat, a Jollie will use their tail for natural balance and expression.
  • A low or limp tail means the Jollie is relaxed.
  • A tucked tail may be a sign of anxiety.
  • A slowly swinging tail may be a sign of curiosity, impatience, excitement, or anticipation.
  • A quickly swinging tail may be a sign of heightened anticipation or focus. May also be an indicator of happiness.
  • A straight-up tail shows alertness if twitching, and nervousness if still.
  • Jollies do not have fur, but instead have a velvety texture to their tails (and bodies). A Jollie’s tail is naturally ‘squishy’/’bouncy’, to a greater extent than their bodies. Their ‘hair’ is the same way.
  • Often, a Jollie will cuddle/hold their tail either while sleeping or when happy or nervous. It is a comfort mechanism, and a way to protect the extended part of their body. They also make good pillows.
  • The end of a Jollie’s tail is very sensitive to touch. Handle gently. Do not pick up a Jollie by the tail or the wings. Though picking them up by their tails does not hurt, it will startle them and make them defensive.

Behavior and Magic:

  • Due to their magical nature, Jollies have slight magical ability. They can cast general magic on objects or themselves, but it takes practice.
  • Jollies rely on their magic to fly.



  • Raz loves to switch between their genders and is proudly genderfluid. Raz equally loves being Male, Female, and Agender.
  • Raz has an especially strong flavor.
  • Raz has a fear of breaking their wings, even though breaks are virtually painless and easily remedied.
  • They prefer to fly than to walk.
  • Raz is the most expressive with their tail.
  • Raz gets incredibly shy when it comes to consumption/the idea of being near a mouth. They do enjoy it but get very bashful at first.


  • Gala has an extra set of wings, which does not aid her flight in speed, but does aid in agility. She has better response time in-air and can make sharper movements.
  • Gala’s face and tail are even more sensitive than the other two.
  • Gala does not care what pronouns people use with her.
  • Gala’s wings shine the brightest, and they sparkle the brightest when experiencing the appropriate emotions.


  • Viti has an unusually curly tail, which sets it apart from Raz and Gala’s more relaxed tails.
  • Viti has heightened sensitivity in her forearms and hands. They are just as sensitive as her face and tail.
  • Despite her higher body mass than the other two, Viti has no problems flying just as fast as them.
  • Viti is the only one who prefers to wear ‘clothes’ like a human. She has no need to, but likes to dress up.
  • Viti prefers female pronouns and does not often identify as a male, if ever.
  • Unlike the other two, Viti does not actively look to be snacked on. She does enjoy it, but she has other things she’d rather do.

I intended it to look like Sage here, the amazing patchwork mad doctor that he is, is dealing with the many issues of wires; tangled, and struggling to measure it out. He looks way to angry, but whatever, I attempted fan art, which I hardly ever do, because it doesn’t come out how I want it. Enjoy, ya’ll.


Gala has joined the trio! Credit for her concept and base design (and pose, though I cleared that with them) go to rabbitinafoxden. They wanted a shot at this action, so I asked if they’d like to design the apple character!

I didn’t have to tweak much here in terms of the design. I changed the hair for consistency’s sake, and the tail just slightly. I like how each character has a distinct silhouette. And not to be biased, but so far Gala is by far my favorite only because I already have some ideas for using her. Plus I’m biased toward tsundere characters.

But I will stop rambling about her! Thank you again to (tumblr won’t let me recognize your name for some reason) @its-sageroot, rabbitinafoxden, and cutesynumsandfluffybums for helping me with concepts/designs/personalities!

its-sageroot replied to your post:its-sageroot replied to your post:Team building is…

Scolipede can have the hidden ability Speed Boost, which is amazing on him if you like him! Try to get one with it and you will dominate with him!

I know! I adore Scolipede and the epic powerhouse they can be! They are truly my most favorite Pokemon. And I have been trying to hard for a Speed Boost one. But all the ones I looked at on the GTS ask for legends which really upsets me. I don’t even need one with good IVs since I can do the breeding for the right ones myself.

Right now I have a cute little Venipede named Sergio I breeded. He has an adamant nature with the ability Poison Point.

its-sageroot replied to your post:Team building is so haard. Especially since I…

a Trick Room set would work well if you have a slow team. Though give me a sec I’ll note you your options~

My slow Pokemon are or are going to be Swampert and Emboar with an Eelektross maybe. I’m still breeding for it.

I orginally had a Lopunny who I could mega but I just don’t know what I want anymore. Maybe I can get rid of Scolipede for Lopunny but I love my Sergio… Poison types are so underated.


oh and my much faster Pokemon will be Noivern, Lilligant, and Scolipede. However I have been unable to get a Scolipede with Speed Boost as an ability…