I had a dream last night that made me realize how much I appreciate the friends I’ve made here. <3

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Look at these guys,can’t wait for their appearance.

Manny, Sara, Sage, Lisa and Me wearing their own outfits for the ClamTato: The Game. These are a few people whom I admire, do follow them. They’re awesome people. ;3

The game itself is still in progress so hakuna your tatas. Didn’t expect that things won’t go my way.

I intended it to look like Sage here, the amazing patchwork mad doctor that he is, is dealing with the many issues of wires; tangled, and struggling to measure it out. He looks way to angry, but whatever, I attempted fan art, which I hardly ever do, because it doesn’t come out how I want it. Enjoy, ya’ll.

its-sageroot asked:

How about 2 Pros and 2 Cons for being Giant?

2 Pros:

You can easily defend your friends, or strangers on the street who are in trouble. Nobody’s going to mess with a muthafukin giant. 

You could give the best hugs and cuddles, and if your friend was cold or sad you could hold them close and give them a place to relax in your pocket.

2 Cons:

People tend to be scared of big and intelligent things, so general public reactions from adults would probably be overwhelmingly negative. Kids, on the other hand, they’d probably be all over a friendly giant. Figuratively and literally.

You’d have to eat so much. Your metabolism would need so much more food than a normal human or a tiny. Unless of course you were a giant with a developed metabolism that had adapted like a snake’s or a bear’s, that fed off of few meals.

its-sageroot asked:

So, Pro and Con Time OwO What's 1 Pro and 1 Con for being Tiny?

*Rapidly rubs hands together* I love talking about this stuff >:D

Everyone else feel free to send this to me with anything else G/T related! Like, # of Pros and # of Cons about ____.


One Pro:

One snack will last you far longer than at normal size.

One Con:

You would get cold much faster as a tiny.

its-sageroot replied to your post “I wish I had some sweet large monster to cuddle with right now… ahhh…”

I bought myself a huge stuffed Catterpillar plushie lasterday on Valentines Clearance. the thing is like 5 feet long <3 So snuggly~ go looking for V-Day Clearance plushies!

As cute as that sounds I really don’t think I’ll find what I’m dreaming of at the Valentine’s clearance at Wal-Mart. I when I say a monster I mean a monster. Something that looks like it should be pillaging a village somewhere or kidnapping a princess. Or bringing about the doom of humanity. But is actually a gentle giant. And preferably of the male variety.

Being a teratophiliac sucks sometimes because sadly monsters ain’t real… :’(

its-sageroot asked:

3 MORE Pros and Cons of Being Tiny OwO GO!

Huaah you’re really making me think! These ones will go side by side.


Everything can be an adventure! With everything being so big, even exploring your backyard or your room can be a thrill!

You can find lots of quiet places to sleep, little nooks and such that you couldn’t find before.

You can ask your bigger friends for rides, and they usually won’t complain.~


Everything can be a danger. Everything is so big, that even a book or something of that ilk can be harmful to your health.

As stated before (in a different set of pros/cons), voices are much louder at this size, but so is every other sound. So while you could find a quiet place to nap, it wouldn’t take much to accidentally startle you awake.

If you don’t have a bigger friend around, traveling takes much longer.

its-sageroot asked:

What kinda Games does Gala like? Any Favorite Systems?

Gala: I don’t care what system I use so long as I like the videogames. I tend to lean toward phone games, small consoles such as gameboys, and PC games. I like anything from Harvest Moon and other farming games, to role playing games. Some of my favorites are Paper Mario (and the other Mario RPGs), and the Final Fantasy DS games. I also really like Banished.