In My First Semester of College I...
  • Took 16.5 worth of classes and got all A’s and B’s for a cumulative GPA of 3.7
  • Played on my college’s NCAA Division III women’s tennis team as a starting player and organized the team’s senior day ceremony
  • Managed not one, but two work study jobs, one of which landed me in charge of running the college’s social media accounts (an ongoing project)
  • Became my class’s treasurer
  • Was a model for my college’s fall recruitment campaign, which got me my own billboard on a main highway and a video interview on the school’s website (x)
  • Fit in a boyfriend, a normal social life, and even time to go out to parties (a little partying does not and will not make you a degenerate or bad person, I promise)

Moral of the story?

Challenge yourself. Push yourself. You have NO IDEA how much you can be.