Lunahour Giveaway!!!!!

That’s right! You lovelies are going to have a chance to win all of these lovely goodies!!!

* The Pictorial Key to the Tarot book.
* Animal Wisdom Tarot (used - this is my personal deck. It’s been used but it is still in lovely condition. I do not have a box for it.)
* Wooden Incense holder (thinking of hand painting some moons on it!)
* Virgin Mary rose scented incense.
* Vanilla scented tea light candles.
* Mini mint scented sage bundle.
* small piece of raw Citrine
* small Rose Quartz wire wrapped pendant.
* random crystals.

What To Do:
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* like this post.
* reblog this post.
* DO NOT tag as giveaway.
* USA residents only.
* keep your asks open incase you’re the winner.

I will announce my winner on May 11th!

This is just 1 of many giveaways to come. this is my largest one yet. I am super excited for this!! Keep on the look out for mini giveaways to come in the near future. Thank you, guys!

🔮🌙✨ Rose

Photo credit:: @shopheartcave💕Altar bundles coming this week! I’m really excited to put together some of my favorite things for you. Lavender sage bundles for cleansing your sacred space, nag champa incense for an intoxicating aroma, crystals for mediation and recharging, a sweet solid wood box with brass inlay to store/transport your treasures and more… ✨🙌✨

Sage Spells

Light a bundle of sage bound with a string, and…

  • Using your hands, waft the smoke over and around yourself while imagining the essence ‘bathing’ you in calm relaxation. This will clear your head, ease your heart, and balance/increase your energy if you are low.
  • Carry throughout the house to protect all those who live there. You can also name your intentions while walking through each room and passage: “Keep these walls safe from all harm”, “Let no evil energy or intentions linger here”, etc.
  • Use before and/or after other spells to sanctify the space and dispel all manner of spiritual debris, while increasing power.