Imagine coming home and seeing Puck, Glitch, Machina, Ash, Sage and Rowan all looking at you. 

-What? you ask.

-What color is this dress? Glitch asks. 

You look at the computer in front of them and look at the dress.

-White and gold, you say.

-You’re making dinner, Sage says and look at Puck, Glitch and Machina.

-Fuck you, Puck says. 

-What is happening? you ask and look at Ash.

-Puck, Glitch and Machina see blue and black. I, Sage and Rowan see gold and white. We made a deal that if you say it’s blue and black we make dinner or if you say it’s white and gold they make dinner. We won so they are making dinner, Ash says.

You sigh and start taking off your shoes and coat. 

-You’re like kids, you say, but I don’t have to make dinner for tonight so I’m fine with that. Go on boys, everything is in the kitchen.

-You all have to eat it, Puck says, so be nice. 

(I see white and gold, what do you see?)


Fantasy Flight Games recently released a Netrunner data pack that has a couple of my cards in it! The art itself was completed about a year ago, so it’s not NEW new, but it’s new for you guys #justfreelancethings

I got to do Sage and Errand Boy, which were some really cool deviations from my usual work. You can find them in The Source, which is part of the Lunar Cycle collection.