Birds of a Feather by Michael Sagato

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Jack Geary is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of paintings by Michael Sagato: Birds of a Feather. These works of oil painted on rough aluminum, represent a continuation of themes that have captured Michael’s fascination and imagination for over a decade.

Sagato’s use of the rough and reflective surface of aluminum serves both as background and backdrop. The reflective open spaces invite the viewer in and are at once reminiscent of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s mirrors while capturing the texture and immediacy of Young’s abstractions on metal.


So in dedication to Kori’s birthday I finally got around to giffing these.
Happy (late) Birthday, Kori.
Expect more fuckery and shows of love, or something.

Umi can’t seem to keep his hands off Yuh…

Zeal Link Instore event, 2008.




¿Cómo ven la navidad los gatos Cole y Marmalade? (un saGATO CATurday de gatos youtubers)

Cole y Marmalade son dos gatos que tienen un canal de YouTube desde 2012, el cual su dueño va colocando todas las aventuras de este par de felinos que viven en California.


 said: Too many disbandings and hiatuses, all and any typos, flower crowns….this will be a longer list….

oh god flower crowns

the-sagato said: Obligatory vistlip bullshit slide. Things that pissed me off this year. The year of the weeping wallets and consecutive releases.

there’s vistlip everywhere already man

im pretty sure theyre in all the slides


El misterioso misterio del gato verde búlgaro misterioso (un saGATO CATurday de gato de color extraño)

Cosa curiosa (y misteriosa)… aquí donde trabajo hemos tenido la “oportunidad” de ver gatos magentas y cian (eh…