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Name: MªJesús
Gender: cis female
Sexuality: panromantic, demisexual
Height: 1’62~ aprox.  
Time zone: GMT +1 (GMT + 2 in Summer)
What time is it there: 23:28
Average hours of sleep: 6-8 usually; I can work properly with less, but only for about 2-3 hours until I become a zombified clumsy version of myself 
OTPs: So many… Remus/Sirius (HP), Sonic/Amy, Knuckles/Rouge (Sonic), Kurama/Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Leorio/Kurapika (HunterxHunter, appropiately), Polly/Maladict, Carrot/Angua, Samuel Vimes/Sybil (Discworld), Haru/Makoto (Free!), Korra/Asami (Legend of Korra), Joshua/Neku (The World Ends With You), and sooo many more…
The last thing I Googled was: ”KAT-TUN”, I’m in search for interesting videos/gifs of one of its members for RPing purposes :P
First word that comes to my mind: Zzzzzzz…
What I last said to a family member: ”Bye, be careful!” to my parents after leaving the car to go home while they continued on to their own parking lot, about 10 metres ahead :D
One place that makes me happy and why:  my own head, usually while my body is comfortably loafing around in bed, so I can get tangled in my stories freely. Alternatively, my couch with the window open during summer, because contrary to the previous houses I’ve lived in this one is set so the air currents that get in are the fresh ones, not the hot ones :D 
How many blankets do I sleep under: None in the summer, as many as strictly needed during winter (too much heat and I won’t stand it either XP)
Favourite beverage: Lemon/Peach/Blueberry Iced Tea, otherwise anything with Lemon and no bubbles they have. For alcoholic berverages: Grimbenger Beer, Mistela, Peach or Chocolate liquor, yes, anything sweet will do (but  I won’t drink much, I know how deceitful sweet alcoholic drinks can be)
The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Lucy
Three things I can’t live without: My computer, things to draw on, things to draw with
Something I plan on learning: driving :D 
A piece of advice for all my followers: ↑↑ everybody run for your lives!! Also, don’t believe everything you read… or say
My blog/blogs:  this one for random/fandom/silly things, pmdutoiltrouble for a cute pokemon RP deviantArt group I’m into
You have to listen to this song: Either A Lullaby for You by Jyongri, this version of The Last Unicorn, or (if you can understand spanish) this one from Los Gandules… actually, any from this last group is great XD oh, and of course The Thales Theorem by Les Luthiers (again in spanish, sorry)

tagging: anyone who happens to read this and feels like doing it :D

As expected nobody asked me for anything about the meme i last posted, but still wanted so badly to do it. So i just made a list with some characters i like and with the help of a number randomizer i chose character and palette. Tony Stark was the unlucky one with palette #8.

Not very spectacular, but I’m happy I can draw something decent, I only was doing crap drawings for the past 4 days and wasn’t very happy >_>

You still can aks for characters and palettes if you feel like it!! Hope you like it : )

This took me a while!! I had in mind what I wanted to draw as soon as Spider-woman was requested, but i’ve been unable to do it no matter how many times i tried and evn looking for refs : / Finally changed my mind and went for another thing or i knew i would never do this pic xP

But at last she’s here! Jessica Drew in #15 for shaliara!

I did a different and more elaborate CGing than in the other palette drawings, but what the hell, i felt like it .____.

Hope you like it!

Testing new working style, more paint-like (or as far as my lack of skills allow me to do), no lines and everything done on the same layer.

The victim here is the cute baby zombie PDS sufferer Kieren Walker from “In the Flesh”, whom I failed to portray, but now i have one more excuse to draw again.

I’ll draw you all cute and lovely as you really are the next time, Kier, I promise <3

You all, go watch “In the Flesh”. Now. Go. Hurry.


Gift art for my friend kekagoogle for her birthday! : D

Had fun drawing these two, I think i’d never draw them if not for this x_D Maybe I should change my mind hahaha.

I’m finishing classes next week, I’m wishing for time to do all the fanarts I’m dying to do!!

Watermarks at her request, hope you don’t mind!

I needed a break from all the Marvel stuff!! Dx
So I went back to my babies, Jaiwe was the chosen one ‘cause it’s been so long since I drawed him, or anyone from “Lassais” actually…
Can’t wait to colour this one x3

Expect next meme drawing tomorrow, or so I hope!