With the majority of its system-wide journey behind it, intermodal train 24M streaks through Lewistown, Pennsylvania, past the historic Lewistown Junction Station. Built in 1849 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, this station is thought to be the oldest in continuous use in the United States, as Amtrak still serves the station twice daily. The station is now owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society. Having departed Chicago about 18 hours ago, the Conrail and Penn Central heritage units compliment the scene as train 24M draws nearer to its destination of Baltimore.


So my friend from law school just printed up her first batch of business cards for her private law firm.

And I think these are, by far, the BEST business cards I have ever seen.

The tips on the back are actually VALID LEGAL ADVICE TIPS. 

These are, in fact, ways that you should protect your rights in the situations listed.

Additionally, “handing the card to the police” while not exactly invoking the right to an attorney (you should say “I am invoking my right to an attorney” as you hand the card over just to be safe) basically means they have to shut up and stop whatever they’re doing until your lawyer (be it my friend or not) shows up. 

But yeah this is pretty awesome.

Please note on the do not resist tip: I know it sounds bad and counter-intuitive, but in my experience the police WILL USE ANYTHING to hold you. Resisting arrest is a valid charge that they can book you on or will attempt to book you on. Please stay safe. 

I can’t just let it go. Because when I look at you I get this feeling of safety. I get this feeling of hope that everything will turn out right. I look at you and I see the kind of person I want to share my life with. And I know it’s crazy, but I’ve never been able to look at anyone like that.
—  Things I want to tell you