Imagine Tony Stark being cautious and loving when you are pregnant.

Felt like the umpteenth time you had sighed as you realized the precautions that your husband has took to make sure you are traveling safely. The amounts of pillows in the back seat of the car as Happy is your driver because he trusts no one else touches yet annoys you.

There is no peace in your household. He refuses to let you in his man cave considering the gadgets that are in there, he went so far as to change the password on you.

Feeling your brow twitch as you eye your closet fill with heels are replace with flats. Not even your favorite pair was spared. When you questioned where your belongings are, Tony promised you that your collection will be put back once the baby is here.

Surely, you knew in some form that he will have to buy you new heels since he threw the ones you have away. Every corner of the home is baby and pregnant proof, his stash of liquor has been moved to a disclose location, Jarvis gives Tony updates on your symptoms and your cravings.

You didn’t know the extent of his precaution until you stub your toe one time walking to the bathroom and you were bed ridden for the rest of the day. Tony did not let you out of his sight or out of bed, having Jarvis checking the vitals or you and the baby.

“I’m not fragile, Tony.” You mumble, a small scoff when he plants his ear on your belly. Speaking loving words to the kid, you run your hands through his hair.

“I promise to always be for you, kid. No matter what, I love you, okay? You won’t get any pressure from your old man just…be you.” Tony softly rubs your belly before planting a kiss where your baby kicks. 

A soft chuckle comes from you as Tony grumbles, “Not funny, Chuckles. This kid is going to be the death of me.”

“If he or she ends up like you, then yes.”

jennagill asked:

Did you have safe travels home?

Hey Jackie! <3 What’s shaking, girl? I made it home in one piece, thanks for asking!!! 

It was an incredibly turbulent flight, and the people next to me obviously didn’t fly much. So every time we hit a bump they grasped hands, closed their eyes, and I swear, started praying the “Our Father.” Like, I’m never worried until folks start praying fervently. And then I start to kiss my ass goodbye. As for me, I wiled the time away reading The Hero of the Story, right under their noses. ;) muttpeeta: just fabulous, my dear. As per usual. 

Sending you a hug, girl, and I hope your week is going well!!

I know a lot of you are in college or maybe you just graduated high school and you’re going to take a trip to Europe this summer, and I just want to reccommend that you watch this movie before you leave.

Theres a lot of valuable information about traveling abroad, so please, please please watch this film before you go!

Safe travels! Have fun!

Thank You...

   i recently arrived home from what was one of the funnest tours i have ever had the pleasure of being on. thank you Modern Chemistry, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Axis Of, and Milk Teeth for making our first headline run a memorable one. we made music and friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. and to all the other bands we shared stages and catering with over these past 3+ months of touring…we wish you safe travels and that you all see more good days than you do bad.
    thank you so much to everyone that came out to 1 or 50 of our shows. it means the world to see your faces and to hear your voices, and it never gets old. i wrote and recorded these songs in my basement for a record i didn’t think i was making and i got to play them halfway around the world…with a little help from my friends. so here’s to the other half. (we hope to see you soon)
   life truly is just a series of moments. these moments zip around like fireflies at dusk, if you’re not ready you’ll blink and miss them …and we’re all just kids with a mason jar trying to collect as many as possible before they fly out of reach.
  thank you for the dream come true, xofrnk


I’m currently in the airport waiting…my flight was supposed to be in Wichita by now. The weather has been having flights canceled and delayed left and right and I’m sitting here hoping my flight makes it out tonight (currently delayed to 7:25)

While I await my travel fate and contemplate why I leave my house, please enjoy these photos of Finley at in and out burger today.

He finally said “Toto” today so once I make it home safely I will say the travel stress is worth it.

Until then please send all the good vibes ya got.


My magnificent boyfriend took me to an antique fair that was three football fields big for my birthday this weekend. They had crystals bigger than my torso there and they were SO CHEAP. (Well, compared to the metaphysical stores). He got me a lithium Quartz sphere and a groovy hat and custom made me a crystal carrier so I can travel safely with them by hand. He is simply the best, and so were these babies.

Safe Travel Spell (for a third party)


  • picture of starting location (or coordinates)
  • picture of ending location (or coordinates)
  • yellow, brown/green, or blue string
  • sandalwood oil
  • white candle


  1. First, light the candle. If you choose, you may want to carve sigils for protection and travel into the candle before you begin working.
  2. Second, place the picture of your starting location to your left and the picture of your ending location on your right. If you can’t find picture, write down the name of the location and its coordinates.
  3. Third, select your string. Use yellow string for travel by air, brown or green string for travel by land (such as a car or train) and blue string for travel by sea.  Anoint the string with sandalwood oil for protection. If you do not have access to sandalwood oil, any protective oils should do the trick. If traveling by sea, replace sandalwood oil with salt water.
  4. Once anointed, set one end of the string on your starting location. Say, “His/Her journey begins here” and seal the string to the starting point with the wax from the candle. Take the second end of the string and gently pull it to the end location, saying “(name of person)’s path remains clear”. Place the end of the string on your end point and seal to the paper with wax, saying, “In safety, he/she appears”.
  5. Roll up both papers and seal them together with more wax from the candle. Place on your altar or another spot sacred to your work until the person for whom you cast the spell arrives safely at their destination. For a safe trip home, unravel the papers and repeat the spell, removing the wax instead and string instead of attaching it. Burn, bury, or otherwise dispose of the spell components.

Chapter 7 of Jail!Fenders now up on AO3!

I want to do a quick shout out to everyone who likes/reblogs and everyone who reads/kudo’s/comments on the story. It’s recently got over 1000 hits so that’s wow super cool and I love you all and yeah thank you all so much for being interested in the story.

Sooooo…thanks! <3