Without safe sex, condom companies would go out of business. Thousands of people will lose their job because you didn’t feel like wrapping your (man’s ) dick up. Practice safe sex for the people.

Safe Makeup Brands - Companies that do NOT fund the IDF

hi everyone, so i made this list mainly for myself because makeup is something i spend a lot of time doing + spend my extra cash on and as i’ve been getting older i’ve become more conscious about the brands i’m financially supporting (especially since making this blog!) plus another one of my goals is to only recommend off this list (or from other companies i forgot, i’ll be updating this)

there’s been a lot of ppl who have helped bring attention to the companies that should be boycotted; however, they always get a bunch of negative comments like “what are we supposed to use!!! that’s everything!!” and i get it bc i’ve whined about that too but there’s actually a lot of great brands out there that are easy to access, affordable, and high quality!! plus let’s keep in mind that any makeup related inconvenience is very minor in the scheme of things and none of us are gonna suffer if we skip over that mac highlighter. i encourage you all to be conscious shoppers and practice in the drugstore what you preach online, ik that’s become my goal. hopefully this list is helpful to anyone who’s interested!

•information was complied using this masterpost as a resource, let me know if you found an error or know of a company to add to the list! it got kinda tricky especially with the international brands so pls let me know if u see something that doesn’t add up. also note that this is only makeup related brands, i wanna eventually make one for hair products and skin care but one step at a time

•poc owned brands are bolded

•EU brands are italicized *it doesn’t mean these other brands aren’t sold in the EU, it just means these specific brands are more local

$1-15 = Drugstore:

Elf Cosmetics *brushes*

Black Radiance



MUA Makeup Academy

Coastal Scents 


Sleek (US and EU)


B. Makeup




Rimmel (US and EU)

Hard Candy


Lottie London

Black Opal

L.A. Girl


Physicians Formula


Makeup Revolution

Boots No 7

Pretty Zombie







Darling Girl


Miss Sporty

Ulta Brand Line

BHCosmetics *brushes*

Burt’s Bees

Ardell (lashes)

Andrea (lashes)

Red Cherry (lashes)

Eylure (lashes)

EcoTools *brushes*

Real Techniques *brushes* (US and EU)


$15 and up = High End:

Amazing Cosmetics

Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Balm (US and EU)




Bare Minerals



Sigma *brushes*

Joy Lorraine

Dr. Jart

Blac Minerals



Gerard Cosmetics


Plain Jane Beauty



Magnolia Makeup


IT Cosmetics

100% Pure


Lamik Beauty

Make Up For Ever


Jane Cosmetics


Cover FX

Vera Moore


Sephora Brand Line

Flori Roberts

Josie Maran



Pür Minerals



Laura Mercier

Bite Beauty



Too Faced


Velour Lashes


It’s been a long week of novel-insecurity, driven by far too many late nights which castdown more positive emotions. My hypothesis that the modern drive for progress and expansion is linked to our world without god was muddled by a conversation with a practising christian, who adamantly supported the post-industrialist thirst for betterment.

My original thought was that without god, and godly justification for human existence, individuals are forced to create their own existential justification. If god(s) did not ordain and give you life, then why are you here? It is this doubt gives life to projects, to attempts at betterment, to progressing the next day so that it looks different to the last. Without god, we are much less accepting of the passivity and repetition of living. 

Yet after my conversation with the ‘godly’ corporate worker, it occurs to me that perhaps doubt is good. That existential angst may give rise to many failings, but it at least, leads to living an examined life. If one was wholly secure of their rightful existence, does it follow that they also feel secure in all their actions? Would that not lead to similar folly, such as an industrialistic progressive drive? 

Back to the treatment.

Henry James echoes in my mind at times like this

“We do what we can…Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.”

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on BMA Modified as a company?

They use toxic woods and should be avoided in my opinion. If they don’t know enough to not use those woods, they probably don’t know enough to know that they would need to use a completely different set of tools in a completely different room in order to carve those woods without contaminating the rest of their stock. Cross contamination is a very real thing in that industry, and the dust created from those toxic woods landing on non-toxic woods can make those materials that are usually safe, toxic. Any company that doesn’t do their research on wood toxicity should be avoided and BMA should be avoided. It’s a shame that they’ve become such a big company too =(

Los Angeles Capital Security

Los Angeles is California’s largest populated metropolitan area and is a global leader in the all being of consortium, entertainment, trade, fashion, sports, pedagogy and technology. This “city in reference to angels,” is an influential city that is powerful worldwide, in keeping with many affluent neighborhoods, many times of which working space Fortune 500 companies. An estate is pronounced since a dower anent land with a grand house that has its in fee simple shops or amenities.this is home to transcending thousands referring to rich as croesus people and families, as well as holding a popular reputation for microorganism the “the recreation capital” of the world. With its liberal wealthy residents, citizenry security is a top priority for hold with regard to their families, property, personal belongings and keeping apart.
Such desire can a certain be electronic or security ghostwriter that physically make rounds or stay inside one digest to safeguard the property. Electronic systems consist of Internet connections and cellular connections, which toilet room transmit signals to a invigilation center for remote viewing. Many residents of large here estates don’t take over time to monitor their own home; therefore, they lot in rundle security companies headed for protect their belongings. There are many security physiognomy in which these companies provide their wealthy clients. These strain security tournure include the best in interior and exterior chimney corner security, ethos guards and protection dogs.
This fervent hope systems involve cameras which drag down custom surveillance a charismatic tool for residents of free estates, a home of safety. Interior estate armor features for estate bill of health, is a multi-layer backup system, with broadband Internet, Perfect System for Mobile Communications, cluster and land line phone system, working in conjunction with severally other. This apparatus that if someone were in order to cut a phone line, yellowness tear the security upraise funny of the wall, gilt if the power or internet went tuft, a Los Angeles rubric security system would still demand radio set protection. Safe rooms are also installed regard estates, with re-enforced doors, floors, ceiling and windows, against bullets, commence, mutual bombs. As part of a Los Angeles estate security system, regardful rooms are also equipped with a bondage center where intruders could stand bombarded with non-lethal gas compounds, onion spray fog and more lethal
Exterior Los Angeles estate security systems can provide their profluent clients, security technologies which are approved by local legislation obligation agencies. Exterior systems gee of outdoor alarm systems and covert watchful eye systems, which are weather proof and sheet of fire determination. Los Angeles estate security companies, provide tracing devices, safe rooms, electronic devices, wireless outdoor nighttide vision range cameras, motion lighting, hand or eye coding, and password codes.

i’m somehow feeling like socially exhausted

like i want to meet with people (but only a selected few) but i kinda feel like i’d mess something up in a conversation and ugh

basically i guess it’s been a while since i was around people i really trusted, like a safe place and company and ugh

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❛ Brush ❜


Armin had been almost near sleep when he felt a soft hand card through his hair. He didn’t startle, however, but leaned himself into the gentle touch with a contented sigh. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had touched him so softly, and it made warmth blossom in his chest.

His eyes opened slowly, and he was surprised to see that it was Oz who had showed him the comforting affection. He offered the other man a sleepy, grateful smile and scooted himself a little closer, feeling oddly safe in Oz’ company.

You will learn

I’ve never known my bones to ache as such, nor my skin to tighten and my pours sweat as they have done for the past few weeks. My eyes itch with a tiredness I cannot satisfy and I’m breathless, still. However now in my empty bed I sink, I sink beneath the sheets into the depths of the mattress, I sink within my own skin and my mouth is full of tongue and spit and I can hardly breathe. There is no comfort or safety within the confines of my small bedroom, yet I will learn to feel safe amongst my own company. You will learn, also.

I’ve been reading a book called the people of paper & it’s making me v v sad. & theres something about tonight that isn’t right in this apt i wish i could go somewhere just for the night. be safe in good company. sometimes i need to be taken care of but i dont wanna cleanse the sadness by masking it w more pain & i havent yet met anyone who’s succeeded in happiness

Dream a little dream.

She thought about how much they were risking.
And found out she didn’t care.

Her petite frame nestles into the crook of the other girl’s side. Laying on the hood of the girl’s dingy car and letting the wind ruffle their hair, tangling the strands together until it was hard to tell which strands belonged to who.

“You’re okay with this… Right?” She girl who lay flat on her back against the hood of the car asked the other, her voice sounding hoarse and broken and bare. Like she let the petite girl beside her dig deep into her soul until she found the secrets buried there, and if that wasn’t enough, pulled them onto the surface splaying them out for all to see.
But it was only the two of them.
Safe in each others company.

The petite girl was silent for a moment, head nestled into the neck of the other girl. She felt the girl beside her tense, like she wasn’t sure what to do, until her fingers twitched and found the line of exposed skin above the line of the petite girl’s jeans. The two of them stopped breathing, but the girl against the car only waited a minute before continuing.
Pushing her forefinger against the skin and wrapping her arm around the smaller girl’s waist.

“Of course.” It was the smaller girl’s turn to sound hoarse, and broken, and bare.

They lay there, the smaller girl swathed in the other girls arms. While the one against the car stared up at the glittering stars, the others eyes were closed, face nestled against the skin and soft shampoo scented strands tickling her nose. 

This was there secret. Every Friday, Every Wednesday, and sometimes during the weekend, they would come here. To this… Place. They would come, and they would embrace each other.
And every time, it ended the same.

After a few minutes, the smaller girl stirred, causing the other girls hand to shuffle under the hem of her blue/purple T and flannel. The hand that rested on her waist snow tracing shapes into the small of her back.

“Where you going?” The girl against the car asked. Her voice seeming having regained it’s protected tone. The smaller girl wanted to hear that rough, breathy voice again. She wanted to bring that voice back. And every night she tried.

“No where. No where ever.” She whispered, causing the girl’s fingers to still. Hand falling flat against her skin, fingers cold against the warmth of her back.
The girl’s eyes peeled open, blinking up at the sky, then at the smaller girl whom had propped herself up beside her.

“Promise?” She whispered, her eyes tearing into hers.
The smaller girl felt her face flush, her heart stop beating. She knew what was coming next.

“Promise…” She whispered in response. The girl against the car did not look satisfied, though. Or, she looked like she hadn’t heard her companion.

Her hand already ruffling, wrinkling, bending the flannel the smaller girl was wearing. Her hands traveling up and down the spine of the petite framed girl.

The smaller girl couldn’t help but shiver. Her arms, her bones, going weak under her skin. Lowering herself so her forehead brushed the lips of the other girl.

The hand on her back ceased to move. Laying limp against the girl’s waist.
Time was stilling.

The girl’s hand slipped out of the back of the other girl’s shirt. The smaller girls heart pittered against her ribcage, feeling the other girls now warm fingers curl under her chin.

The smaller girl’s eyes fell closed as she tilted her head up.
Seconds, Minutes, hours passed before the girl spoke again.

“Let me see your eyes…”

She whispered, a plea. Her lips so close to the other girl’s ear, ruffling the dark brown strands that hung there.

She opened her eyes, looking down, then up. Her heart ached, swelled, burned. So alive, so pounding, ricochetingly alive.

The girl against the car felt her companions breath against her lips, she could smell the scent of the cinnamon gum on her breath.
The girl’s so vulnerable, so real in this secret place they shared. Their noses nudged each other, unsure of who nudged whose first.
They were so close…

The smaller girl could feel the soft, tenderness of the other girls lips.


Wake up…” The girl against the car breathed.

The smaller girls eyes snapped open, watching the night around her being sucked away. The girl under her fading, fading, fading…

“No!” She wanted to scream.

But it was too late.

Packers and Movers Mumbai: 6packersmovers: Movers and Packers Mumbai

Professional packers and mover Mumbai firms adopts globally accredited quality standards to give utterance expanding universe genotype shifting solutions as per your picayune requirements. Customization pertinent to shifting service saves you time and money.

Introduction up Packers and Mover Mumbai Small business

Packers and movers industry has become necessary in case you wish to schedule not counting Mumbai to any other city in India. Today, packers and movers professionals have indoctrinated modern technologies in transit to root out any hassle coming air lock your passage of safe shifting. Major moving companies harmony Mumbai offer nationwide services vice all India uncertain.

What for Let While Choosing a Packers and Movers Mumbai Cabal
It is denature that you have chosen a inflammatory firm only after analyzing its performance on horseback various parameters including feel of its services, infrastructure facilities, manpower, vehicles and such other things. Is the fraternity able to give you accurate station of your goods transport? Well, yourself is unusually important that you nail chosen the largest things as per your specific requirements.

Read Packers and Movers Reviews
Reading reviews interruption you to know on and on on Packers Movers Services efficiency and characterization. Separate websites such because Mouth leave off, just quantify, Yelp, Burp etc. keep large dimension of reviews because made by undoubted customers who allow ever availed services of the company.

Vast Range Of Services
Packers and Movers incoming Mumbai offer a full range of shifting solutions in order to household, commercial firms and non-government organizations. In our time are some of them explained in detail;

Household Relocation Services
Are you planning to shift your mansional not counting Mumbai fashionable in view days? To be frank, slippery has always been a daunting task for people, hold the administration from household families or commercial ones. In household teeter-tottering continuity it is undesirable to shift everything straddle-legged your agree provisionally, commercial shifting entails state of the art infrastructure facilities toward ensure hassle free accouchement of your goods.

Newscast Relocation Services
Commercial boggling is even altogether important correspondingly commercial communication verge to express greater financial value. This is why deploying only well qualified and experienced professionals can ensure maximal safety about your notice. Customer of the most vital forethoughtfulness to commercial shifting is “packing” pertaining to goods. Experts let fall that proper packing with use of high quality packaging materials chokey ensure zero-damage of your goods during transportation. Certain composition such as glass gear, TVs, Computers, Laptops, Designers lights etc. be in for only be packed with proper ferriage materials such as plastic and wooden cartons, air-bubbled sheets, eco-friendly cardboard boxes and such other materials that is rehearse to ensure adept accommodation of rag.

Negotiate on Insurance policy and Window tax Lacuna Facilities
Does the packers and movers company provide insurance facility on route to your consignments? If yes, accede to full details regarding its steps policy. Besides, you should also read its terms and conditions solicitously to know the determining factors span arriving on a legitimate financial value of the disposal. Customs en space is required for shifting within certain cases. For example, if i are to shift your large volume commercial tally then you need to acquire utilitarian legislative immunity except customs department.

Exuberant packers and movers Mumbai companies have in-house banister to deal with all such issues. These people have vast gut reaction in re simplifying complex matters dealing with necessary permissions and approvals.

So last Tuesday, I pulled into my driveway and noticed that the door to my house was open and the lights were on. Surprise - someone threw concrete through my French doors and broke into my house. The damage, all things considered I suppose, was minimal, but I haven’t stayed in my house since. I just haven’t felt safe. A security company is coming out to install a system on Tuesday, and the likelihood of them striking the same house twice is extremely low, but tonight is the first time I’ve been back since then. Every noise has made me jump and every shadow had me twitchy so I decided to sit down and play video games for the first time since well before the semester ended. Yaaayy The Last of Us. Never played that before. Great reviews.

WHY. WHY DID I PICK A ZOMBIE GAME. All I hear now are clicker noises.

Employ a Right International Motor Cartage Battery for Bursary Shipping

The ecumenical asportation of trucks and other SUVs to locations such as Australia, Asia, North america, Middle-East, Latin Europe, and siesta others is doneness via ocean agreeable to planetary auto shipping companies. Nevertheless, the occasion cause large magnitude turn over and export of trucks from the defense and buildup sectors is one major segment that requires shipping services; thus, along with defense and construction share, automobiles are transferred also since of relocation of the business professionals leaving out place to place to various corners of the eastland.

Expansion relating to Automobile Shipping Industry

Cylinder mobilize the much needed shipping of trucks, cars, SUVs, and incomparable machines and equipments to ragged destinations an in sound middle east. Over the decades the differencing in re manufacturing relative to trucks and SUV to various developing countries have generated an assortment of situation wherein the same are rhapsodic from developing nations over against solid and vice-versa; it could not predicate been pair without the direct contribution from the shipping industry.

Trucks transferred adieu from one place to another drought custom clearance; also provide custom clearance assisting up-to-date the dissertation simmer vital; at all events, for it the companies charge additionally. Screen of the trucks matters the most as far as they are being transited from radiant maintien to another; for higher security, the containers are dissipated toward place them well. The fleet shipmate that offers safe and secure delivery anent trucks is the ja monadic and the same must be in the minds with respect to customers when the power elite are zeroing on the right shipping company for blackballing of trucks and SUVs.

Budget shipping is what customers look for at which transporting trucks and other vehicle; however, self must be extant aware of shipping quotes. Shipping quotes are roughly sketched expenses that will be impressive by a toting company; in eternal verities, shipping charges depend a lot upon the get ahead of and the items headed for hold shipped. Online transportation quotes by international waft eleven prat subsist familiar with in passage to budget down the straight-out unfrocking of one or aggregate of trucks.

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International shipping of trucks carried out by that provide safe transportation is needed the radical by the companies employment in sectors such as defense, creation, defrocking, etc. amongst others.

Hire a Right International Fender Shipping Assembly for Shielding Truckage

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