Fantom Comics, Washington D.C

I came across this place while on vacation and can honestly say it was the most positive comic book store experience I have ever had.  The 20-something behind the counter was very helpful and friendly, and we talked at length about diversity in comics.  I was with a friend who is relatively new to comics, and the staff was helpful and not at all condescending.  Fantom hosts a ladies night that is currently focusing on the new Ms. Marvel, and they often have other community activities like a comics-inspired craft night.  I honestly cannot recommend Fantom Comics enough; going there made my week.

You do not have to be humble

Own who you are. All of it.

For the past 16 years, Minus18 has been improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of LGBT young people through events, resources, workshops and mental health support – and now we have an even bigger dream.

We’re excited to announce our next big project, the Minus18 Atrium – a safe space where young people from all over Melbourne can come together and be part of a youth-led movement challenging homophobia and transphobia.

Head to, chip in and help share the campaign – we need your help to bring the Atrium to life!


Is that rude? I’m sorry. 


It has been eight, painful months without any new episodes, and while Comic Con and the DVD and all the little interviews were blessings, they were also damn curses. So, because this is my safe space to fangirl the fuck out, I will. TODAY IS THE DAY. 


Today’s the day to see these two gorgeous souls back on our TV screens!


Excuse me while I celebrate. 


Who’s ready????

anonymous said:

You are not moving forward the cause of race or sex discrimination. You are subscribing to the same ideals of Angry Segregation that is the root cause for there being so many historical problems surrounding differences in gender and ethnicity. Think about that for a second before you feel so very proud of what you're doing. Your spirit might be in the right place, but the way you're choosing to go about reacting to your feelings is racist, sexist, and all of the things that you hate.

Do you message white supremacist blogs on tumblr with this message?

You don’t.

Know Anon is installed right now, you’ve been messaging this blog with your reverse racism/sexism bullshit. Imma start exposing y’all. I’m assuming you’re a white girl who is pissed that this blog is a safe space for woc. Deal with it.



I didn’t know if I had anything to say about spoilers until I started saying things. It’s mostly for my thinking and not at all groundbreaking.

Mostly, I love Kurt and Blaine. I love reading and writing and seeing Kurt and Blaine. There are definitely things I’d prefer than what seems to be planned. That’s been true, differently, at other times in the show. I am glad I have the joy of writing things the way I want them.    

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I keep seeing posts to the tune of not enjoying published works of fiction because they’re full of straight romance; of having been ruined by fanfiction, because where else are you going to find universes where everyone’s queer, and they also get to go on space pirate adventures?

And I get that. Like everyone, I’ve spent my life inundated by straight media to the point where seeing a man and a woman make eye contact on TV makes me groan. But here’s the thing: these stories about queer characters absolutely do exist.

Don’t conflate mainstream literature with good literature. Queer authors are writing books about queer characters having entire worlds as safe-spaces. I talk to queer authors every day who are writing and have written amazing works of fiction, and I’ve poured endless hours and love into writing my own trilogy.

But here’s the thing: if you want to read about queer characters, you have to support queer authors. If you see something that catches your interest and have the funds to do so, buy it. If you can’t afford it or it’s not your cup of tea, reblog it. Queer fiction isn’t mainstream fiction because it’s queer fiction, and the only way queer people are going to be able to continue to produce the works people are chomping at the bit for is if you support them.

So instead of continuing to indulge in queerbaiting and settling down to read AU number eight-hundred and seventy five about a pair of cis white males, take a look around! Ask for recommendations! Pay attention to what queer people are producing. Trundle through the e-books on Amazon. I promise you, it’s no more stressful than digging through AO3 for something that catches your fancy.



They complain about autistic siblings then when ppl message them not to in this tag since they aren’t autistic they make horrid comments about it! I’m on mobile and it’s annoying but if you aren’t you show tag them okay? I’m sorry for having to point this out but you are being fairly rude in a safe space for autistic people while you aren’t autistic.

A Safe Space for South Asian Queer Women

Hi there,

Hoping you can give a shoutout to our blog ( - we are based in Toronto and have just started up a group for South Asian Queer women as we feel that this is a group that often gets overlooked and does not have a lot of visibility due to the strongly ingrained conventional views on homosexuality within most of our cultures. We would really like to be able to reach out to South Asian Queer women through social media to make them aware of this group and that there are many of us out there :)

If you could lend a hand in getting the word out there, we would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

The Masala Team

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Question, is there a safe place for a transgender boy to go if his parents are homophobic and not allowing him to transition to a point where he is forced to use ace bandaging? That's the situation I'm in right now, and honestly, I need some sort of safe house, and running away is illegal. I need some help, but I have no idea where to turn.

Zak: This depends on where you live. Many larger cities have safe spaces for LGBTQ youth, for instance Lambert House in Seattle or the Ali Forney Center in New York City. Here’s a list of resources for LGBTQ youth by state if you’re in the US. Even if there isn’t a safe house type space in your area, there may be ways that the LGBTQ community in your area can help you, so I’d recommend reaching out to any local organizations close to you. You may not be able to find someone to help you get out of your house depending on your age, situation, etc., but you may be able to get help making your living situation more manageable and getting support and affirmation outside of your house. For instance, many areas (even smaller cities and towns) have LGBTQ youth groups and allies and advocates who specifically work with LGBTQ youth to help them with situations like yours.

*EDIT* This resource, as well as this one, might also help you.  

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That anon doesn't seem to realise that, as you said, out of all three choices of carrying to term and raising the child, carrying to term and adopting out, and aborting a pregnancy, the choice of abortion is the one that is under attack by pro-life people and legislators. That's why we discuss it more often and that's why it's the option that is mostly emphasised it; because the other choices (which require carrying the pregnancy, forced or otherwise) are in no danger.

Yeah, that’s exactly why there is a heavier focus on abortion here. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is still stigma surrounding adoption and pregnancy/parenthood. However, it pales in comparison to the stigma surrounding abortion.

This blog’s main purpose has always been to provide a safe space for those who have, or are going to choose abortion, as well as combatting any fallacies and stigmas that surround abortion. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a safe space for those who choose adoption or parenthood. I will always support the pregnant person’s choice, no matter what it is.

- Emily.

I love how I’m now an awful person because I don’t want straight, cis people with made-up identities such as “girlfags” and such invading our safe spaces. 

autisticfandomthings said:

Why do you keep invading a safe space for autistic people? The actuallyautistic tag is not for you, please stay out of it. Why do you even want to tag your posts with that? You aren't autistic yourself, so why do you want to connect with us?

The world isn’t safe shit stain. Don’t like my post keep scrolling Playa

anonymous said:

Being gray-ace has alienated me from allosexuals because I don't experience sexual attraction nearly as frequently/strongly as they do, so if I'm not welcome in the ace community, where am I supposed to go? Why do I need to feel isolated from both sides? Am I not allowed to feel like I belong? I'm truly and sincerely grateful for this blog because you're inclusive of all ace-spectrum identities and make us feel welcome, which means more than I could possibly begin to describe.

We’re grateful for you, too, Anon, and for all our followers! :) You’re absolutely welcome here- everyone is welcome here. Haters are gonna hate, y’know? We can’t stop that from happening. But we try to create a safe, welcoming space here for everyone in our community.

So no worries about one silly complainer! Thank you so much for sharing this~ <3


Guys we’re going to do a babe chat tonight to discuss Bonnie & Jeremy’s upcoming anniversary! It’s going to start at 7 (I’m not sure when that is for everyone else but it’s 5 here and i’ll send out messages @6:30 my time just in case) 












Sorry I couldn’t tag everyone but i’m hoping you all will see this anyways. If you’re not apart of the chat yet but wish to be added email me at Firebrandtheory22 This is going to be the first babe chat of the season and i’m super excited to be in a safe space full of Beremy positivity (there’s a little character & show runner dragging but its usually deserved)  and love with the fam again, see y’all there 


i don’t usually get super “i’m going to devote my life to nonprofit work” because i think i’m better suited to help people in other ways and serving in other ways, but honestly right now the only other thing i want to do is spend my life creating safe spaces for queer christians

The desire for a safe space isn’t ridiculous. What’s ridiculous is the fact an interest can marginalize a group of people who are, in every other way, privileged. What’s more ridiculous is that a group of people would request a safe space while simultaneously terrorizing someone who just wants the same thing.

Gaming is a bizarre art form. A certain group of its fans claimed the right to define its appropriate boundaries, its appropriate subject matter, its appropriate commentary. This group, the self-appointed Real Gamers, decided what a game can be and can’t be. It can’t be a story about depression. It can’t have a message. It can’t be made by women.


Zoe Quinn and the Hypocrisy of Male-Dominated Nerd Culture, by Brooke Jackson-Glidden

(hella trigger warnings for discussion of harassment, explicit threats, sexism)