Last night I had the BEST. DREAM. EVER. I was in a B&B when Wrath, Butch, V and Rhage (my fave <3 ) came in. V gave me hell for over analyzing my life while the brothers made sure the area was safe. Then Wrath came over and said “I know what you need” and picked me up and put me in Rhage’s lap and the big sexy brute looked at me with those bright eyes, smiled wide and wrapped huge arms around me. First time they ever showed up in a dream. I hope they come visit again ;)

Breathe. No one asks for anxiety at 11:52 on a Wednesday night. Breathe. No one asks for the walls to cave in and a tightening in every inch of their lungs as breaths struggle to make their way out through quivering lips. Breathe. No one asks for it but you fight it. You get up and make tea. You stay away from the sleeping pills and you make tea. When you open the jar of honey and notice ants plastered along the inner lid of the glass, you close it shut and use sugar instead. You don’t quit even though every force in this universe seems to be against you at that moment. You do not reach for the sleeping pills even if those almost microscopic creatures were enough to push you over the edge and collapse onto the cream colored square tiles in the middle of the kitchen. Breathe. Drink your tea and walk back up to your room. Breathe. Walk up to your cabinet with old cosmetics and take in the vanilla scent from summer. Those days will return. Breathe. Open the cabinet with new cosmetics and smile about your newfound Lush obsession and promise yourself a bubble bath with your favorite pink bath bomb after making it through tomorrow’s classes. Text your best friend and tell her you love her. Do the dishes for mom. Tidy up. Tuck yourself in and breathe. You’re okay.
—  E.K.S.