Luxury in the African Delta

Nestled in Botswana’s spectacular Okavango Delta, and beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge combines brilliant cutting-edge architecture, high-end facilities, and magnificent wildlife viewing into a one-of-a-kind African safari experience. 


jared on Instagram: ” Africa from the air. #phinda”


It’s been over six months since we last paid a visit to the Department of Extraordinary Eggshell Artists. Today we share a fantastic piece by the Eggdoodler, a DeviantArtist who creates exquisite carvings using ostrich and emu eggs. The piece pictured here, entitled Africa, was carved from an ostrich egg using an NSK Presto, a precision carving tool which was released as a dental drill, but is now also used by artists who work on intricate pieces just like this amazing eggshell.

In addition to having the right tools, carving these finely-detailed safari scenes clearly and creating those marvelous textures required lots of patience and care. It took about 1000 hours for the Eggdoodler to complete this piece, slowly carving each the elephant, giraffee, rhino, and trees, one tiny, gentle cut at a time.

Visit the Eggdoodler’s DeviantArt gallery to check out more of his painstaking eggshell creations.

[via My Modern Metropolis]