I wanted to make an Inquisitor with this hairstyle for a long time!! SO I DID IT.

Her name is Saeth and she’s a badass archer. MMMM. I also don’t know if it’s just the difference in saturation from my monitor and laptop but she looks much paler on here but oh well. I still love her.

BUT WHO TO ROMANCE. I have Eiriana for Cullen, Eldrin for Dorian… So either Iron Bull or Sera. HMMMMN.

Gotta make a backstory for her…

Also tried to give her a DA2 Elven profile whoOPS.

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I seriously messaged anyone I could with cruel2bekind as their username. Then there was this one journal asking about her, and septasonic came up, then I googled "Septasonic tumblr" and poof here I am. Any idea on where I can find it again? I'm getting desperate here. haha.

Aww, you sound very desperate!

The last I heard was that Aria was hoping to get it published, which is why she took it offline. I’ve been keeping an eye out for any books that sound like it but haven’t seen anything yet.

Other than that, the last remaining part of the story I can find online is here:

We’ll just have to wait and hope she gets published one day!

i want to ship more inquisitors. shipping is fun……..

Eiriana and Saeth are totes free if we don’t take into account their in-game romances yeahyeah

… Same with Emlyn, I guess?? IDK

will i ever make a non-elf inquisitor

Saethe: #1

- Do you even care about the Larynaar Reserves anymore? You are so far away from home. Everyone you’ve loved is dead and the only remaining tie you have left is Soren. If questioned on his allegiance to the city he only smirks and takes a swig from the bottle of Private Reserve and says survival is more important than allegiances. That’s the most you had gotten out of him.

- Tell me a childhood memory of you and Ifor.

- Now that you are leader of your ragtag group of adventurers, I’d like to know a little bit about your goals. Give me two long term goals and three short term goals.

- Is there even a point in making the arduous journey to By’wynne? That can take months and it’s already been proven that mere days it all it takes to claim the lives of your most beloved companions. Is it better to live for your party?

- What is your primary motivation now that everyone is gone? What is driving your forward? Why don’t you just give up now while you’re ahead?

- How do you feel about your current party? Soren, Raziel and Urzul? Who are these people to you? And these two strangers who you met in the city of DunMorde? Are they mere tools to utilize or are they friends? Can they even be called friends?

- How has being forced into a leadership role effected you?

- Do you even want to go home - to Larynaar - and back to what’s waiting for you? What is waiting for back home? Is there anyone waiting for you back home? Did you and Ifor have family? Is there a significant other? Perhaps the fact that no one is there waiting for you is the reason why Ifor’s death impacted you so gravely.

- Does the idea of finding a safe place away from all this sound nice? What is your biggest escapism when the reality of all this sets in? How do you cope? Do you have any hobbies? What do you think you might pick up and learn?

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I feel like such a creep, but I was wondering if you ever read a story called Kisses In The Dark. I know it's super old, but I've been looking everywhere for it.

…Vampires? …Saeth and Ria?

If that is the story you’re referring to then yes, I have read that. Years and years ago when I used to go on quizilla all the time that story was my favourite!!

I have to admit I am curious though! How did you know to ask me? :)


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