ATTENTION WORLD: Enough is Enough

ATTENTION WORLD: Enough is Enough

I am sick of your stereotypes and your preferred appearance, causing a virus in the world intoxicated with self hatred. I am ill of your demand of what we can wear and what we can’t, as if our choice of clothing needs your approval. I am ailing because of your desperation of perfection when it has been established that no flawless thing in this world is ever to be found! I am sick, world, and I am done with you making the rest of us feel like we are not worth existence.

Ladies and gentlemen, newborns and up, from here on out we may no longer discriminate. You may no longer scream and protest for freedom of nudity yet look at the color of someone’s skin and rebuke their beautiful presence. I have had enough of you making us feel like we aren’t enough. I am tired of you getting your grip on self hatred and titling it as beautiful.

It’s 2014 and self confidence is still considered arrogance. I’m desperate for a change and desperate for your discrimination era to end from this point on.

ATTENTION WORLD: perfection does not exist and I demand you to stop demanding it.