the andraste and shartan reincarnated thing with moran and solas for ialpiriel

Solas’ ears turn red, and he looks away when he realizes she’s staring at him.

"I’m sorry, it’s just—" Moran pauses, and chews at her lip. "I feel like I know you." His chest tightens.

"It is entirely possible we have met in the Fade before." She shakes her head at that, still staring at him.

"It’s like… it’s like lathbora viran, the path to a place of lost love.” Moran scoots closer to him and peers into his face. “Something about you is so familiar…" Solas can’t meet her eyes.

He can’t take it anymore. He stands.

"Come, inquisitor, we have an army to lead," and the words leave his mouth before he can stop them, almost the same words he uttered so long ago. Moran’s face goes blank, and Solas can almost see the memories, the ancient battles flashing in her eyes. He wants to leave, but he is rooted to the spot.

Moran blinks rapidly, and stands, gripping his shoulders.

Shartan,” she breathes, her eyes sweeping over his face. She wets her lips unconsciously.

"Andraste," and his voice cracks. A tear rolls down his face and she embraces him.

"What happened to you?" she whispers into his shoulder. Solas runs his hands down her back, fingers tangling in her long hair.

He looks up, trying in vain to stop more tears from escaping, before he speaks.


Usher’s eleven-year-old stepson has been declared brain dead after an accident involving a jet ski, TMZ reports.

Kyle Glover, the son of Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster, was riding an inner tube on Lake Lanier in Atlanta, GA yesterday when a passing jet skier collided with the boy, striking him in the head and knocking him unconscious. He was airlifted to Atlanta’s Egelston Hospital, where Usher joined him last night. TMZ says that he has shown no brain activity since being admitted to the hospital, and that a decision regarding his life support has not been made.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is investigating the accident, and has ruled out alcohol as a factor. 

A lot of things are going on in Usher’s life right now. His divorce, he recently broke down in tears in court; and now his stepson is in critical condition. My sincere prayers are with Kyle and his family. I hope they will have enough courage to face such sad news. And of course to Usher too. I hope he stays strong.

(via Knut dead: German polar bear dies in front of 600 visitors at Berlin Zoo | Mail Online)

Knut, the world-famous polar bear, collapsed and died in front of 600 visitors at Berlin Zoo this afternoon.

The bear rose to stardom when he was hand-raised by zoo keepers after being rejected by his mother at birth.

Bear keeper Heiner Kloes from the zoo said the four-year-old was alone in his compound. He says the cause is not yet clear.

'He was by himself in his compound, he was in the water, and then he was dead,' said Mr Kloes. ' He was not sick, we don't know why he died.'

TOP: I can not concentrate on other things when I’m working on one thing. I don’t have time to release a solo album, though I know that many people expect it. Each time, I am more perfectionist when it comes to an album. Therefore, it is not so easy to release one.
—  FROM TOP EXHIBITION Press Conference, when asked about releasing a solo album

According to former Disney animator Tom Bancroft on Twitter, Disney gutted their hand-drawn animation division this afternoon, and laid off nine veteran animators, including some of the studio’s biggest names: Nik Ranieri, Ruben Aquino, Frans Vischer, Russ Edmonds, Brian Ferguson, Jamie Lopez and Dan Tanaka. Two of the animators who still have jobs are Eric Goldberg and Mark Henn. The news of cuts in their animation division was leaked last week, but I, for one, did not anticipate that all these top animators would be let go. We’ve reached out to the studio for comment.

UPDATE: According to Aaron Blaise in the comments, Alex Kupershmidt was not among those laid off.

UPDATE #2: The Animation Guild reported that 9 veteran animators were laid off today so there are still two names that are unknown.

UPDATE #3: And now the Animation Guild is reporting in the same link above that, “Other veterans are being called in to meetings to discuss pay cuts and/or buyouts.”

- cartoonbrew article.


Lemme die now God. I love Reus, I want Gotzeus celebrate together in World Cup, then why Marco got injured? How unfair for him, I feel sorry for him. Please God, let him reach his dream in World Cup, please. 10 hours I can’t stop crying because Reus confrimed won’t go to Brazil. I can’t describe my feelings now. I just want to die. It hurts, seriously. 

The King Blues have called it a day, a statement from the band can be read below:

"It is with great sadness and very heavy hearts that we must inform you, that as of today The King Blues are no more.

We are all immensely proud of our body of work. We will be releasing the last The King Blues album entitled ‘Long Live The Struggle’ as the final chapter. The album will be released in early July 2012

We simply feel we have taken things as far as they can go and it would be unfair on you if we were to go through the motions like so many other artists do. We all believe strongly in what The King Blues stands for.

Can we take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your support, love and passion down the years.

long live the struggle

in solidarity,

The King Blues”

R.I.P. Lunchbox

Friends, I have very sad news to share with you:

Lunchbox passed away yesterday.

Peacefully, in his sleep. While I don’t know exactly what happened, most likely it was that whatever was stunting his growth finally caught up to him.*

In memoriam to Lunchbox, I will be posting photos of Lunchbox that I hadn’t yet had a chance to share with you all. Ten days of photos, for the ten wonderful years I got to share with him.

I had already queued several dual tortle posts for today; since they go together as a set (as you’ll see), I will go ahead and post the Kirby ones as planned. Starting tomorrow, I will post a mix of old and new photos and videos of Lunchbox.

Lunchbox, I hope you are swimming in a giant pond somewhere with rocks to sun on, a big old deck to run around on, nothing red in sight, and endless noms and sunlight.

* Lunchbox was a special needs turtle in many ways. He was extremely stunted (still 2.5 in long), he developed gout last summer, and he didn’t do well with deep water. Please don’t start yelling MBD: Lunchbox did not have metabolic bone disease. He got plenty of UV and was on a healthy diet at all times. His vet and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why Lunchbox had so many issues. We ended up concluding that Lunchbox must have had some sort of congenital metabolic disorder or other genetic condition.

Yesterday was quite a shock because we really thought that Lunchbox was finally getting better this year. His vet and I managed to get his gout under control by restricting his diet to solely ReptoMin pellets, with the occasional snack of romaine lettuce. Best of all, Lunchbox was growing a bit faster (although still much slower than a normal rate), and he was finally doing better with deeper water. I had been planning to get him a great big tank this summer if he had kept improving.

In short, Lunchbox was a very special little turtle. It was amazing that he made it past his tenth birthday, and I am thankful I got to share these 10.5 years with him.

Thank you for everything you contributed to film. One of the most diverse actors to ever grace cinema. His impressive body of work will make sure that he is remembered for generations to come. Rest in peace.

Some of my fav performances of his:

Good Morning, Vietnam 
Dead Poets Societ
Good Will Hunting
What Dream May Come
Bicentennial Man 
One Hour Photo