Sound Colour Vibration: Habits “All the Figures” Official Video from Debut LP ‘Unselves in Arrival’

Habits is one of the strongest experimental bands emerging out of LA right now. With the heart and soul of the project serving as an extension of Los Angeles resident Dustin Krapes, the music is unhinged, psychedelic and panoramic in design yet has tightly arranged structures that bring the best pop bands to mind. It’s this underlining sense of song writing and a freight train layering of synth that makes it a really wild yet infectious type of sound. With a lot of anticipation around the project over the last year, the debut full length is finally here from Habits in the abstract pop offering Unselves in Arrival. Released on limited cassette with Fleeting Youth Records and CD / Digital formats with Dustin’s How To Be A Microwave imprint, Unselves in Arrival is an incredible experience and an evolution in 21st century rock and electronic music.

Read the rest and watch the video at Sound Colour Vibration

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anonymous asked:

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you have to beat night xxx as far as possible, there’s no getting around it