mong proposed Israeli sanctions on Palestinian telecommunications are further impediments to the transfer of equipment into the Gaza Strip as well as the continued denial of 3G internet services to Palestinian providers. Israel has long refused Palestinian requests to allow providers to operate 3G services, but had given signs recently that it might relent.

In the midst of change, we mustn’t forget


Over the last year Thein Sein has been busy cleaning house. Since coming to power after the elections in 2010 the new President, to the praise of many world leaders, has made more steps towards reform than any since Ne Win’s military coup d’état  in 1962. By allowing Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD to return to the political stage, by releasing prominent political prisoners and conducting cease fire talks with ethnic resistance groups, Thien Sein has been polishing silver, plumping cushions and blowing away some of the cobwebs left by Than Shwe. On the surface, things are looking good. But I want to ask the question; ‘What is he sweeping under the carpet?’

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Hmmmm I wonder what’s going on in the world right now.

*checks news

Ukraine invaded yesterday by Russia
Sactions are getting more and more severe
Finland airspace violated by Russia 3 times in the past week.
Japanese violating Russian airspace.
Putin threatening nuclear attack to any countries thinking of war. 
Poland increases defense budget by 30%
France increases defense budget by 10%
Estonia increases defense budget by 10%
Finland increases defense budget by 15%
Ukraine filed for NATO membership just today
Finland Upgrades NATO ties just today.
Seven NATO nations introduce “rapid reaction forces” just yesterday.
Switzerland stops working with 4 Russian banks.
Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, UK, US, Canada, France, Norway, Greece, Australia, Japan and Italy all calls on Russia to withdraw troops.
Oil tanker with $100 million in cargo goes missing off Texas coast 3 hours ago.
UK raises national threat level to “severe”
Poland violates Russian airspace.

*turns off news


Couch get!

I found a lovesac sactional for sale on Craigslist for $2500. Six bases, five sides, a tabletop, a cupholder, and a set of covers in a color I liked. Retail before tax was $4025.

I emailed the guy and asked him about coming to see it. He said it’s all broken down so there’s not much to see. It’s far enough away that I’m not willing to make two trips.

He won’t take a check or anything, so this has to be done in cash. I’m thinking he must have stolen this shit because who in this day and age operates any aboveboard business in cash denominations above $1000?

I also offered to take the whole set for $2000 and he agreed on the spot. SUPER sketch. Oh, AND three of the bases were still in boxes and had different covers than the ones that were unpacked.

I get my boyfriend to come with me, and I’m glad I did because the whole set fills up two Honda Fits. It took me three phone calls to the bank and four ATM transactions to get $2000 in cash because all of the brick-and-mortar banks were closed and no reasonable ATM will allow you to withdraw $2k at once.

Turns out, this guy had just bought a motorcycle and needed to hock the couch ASAP because he needed the cash, and was also storing it in a storage cage that he was technically occupying illegally. The boxed up bases were ones he’d ordered but never gotten around to using, apparently.

So, I’ve just acquired a fancy-ass, super-comfortable couch for less than half the retail price, all of which is in great condition, and as soon as my apartment is set up, I’m gonna have the sweetest living room evar.

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