By @sage_maat “We must first empty ourselves of ourselves in order to realize just how filled with love we truly are. Go for your dreams/passions no matter what the “outside” says is lasting. Intentions laced with truth and honesty will only birth your dream into the light of your vision. Bless and manifest as if the day will be righteous only by your doing so. Peace and light, divine beings. #centeredwithsage #sagemaat #meditation #love #rootchakra #sacredself” via @PhotoRepost_app

"You can take time to sit with the experiences of all you have learned, and to ponder the vision for your true path. But at some point you have to stop processing and stand on your own two feet – something that takes stillness and action at the same time, like a yoga pose.

Summer is the season to gather your strength and stand on your own two feet. To nourish the blossoming of your seeds with movement, yet still yourself to let Spirit do its part. In that balance, standing in both action and stillness, you gather in forces to reap the good you have sown in past cycles, and to bloom into who you are right now, in the full vibrancy of your sacred self.” #lynnandrews #thespiritualwarriorinsummer #sacredself #manifesto #reverseprayerpose #shoulderstretch

Last Bath of 2013

I’ve been paying more attention during my writing job. I always paid attention while taking notes and writing things out, but I’ve been experimenting consciously some of the things that come up in discussion.

I’ve been on the train about food being medicine for a while now. Everyone has a story about the history of their relationship with food; the stories are always rampant in restaurant owners and chefs, as well as within our own lives cliches about food and community, food and relationship to external world, etc etc. I personally, get tired of them, but appreciate them nonetheless. Mine, like me has been a relationship of experimentation and exploration, different diets that have ended up exposing me to more and more interesting queries that have in turn, informed the overall course of my life and actions. Now I’m on a more healing, holistically disciplined medicinal train, of using foods as ways to maintain health, prevent and curb diseases and have paid attention to my mental and emotional states in response to different foods. 

In many of our discussions recently, instead of focusing on the food and the macrobiotic practice itself, which though flexible, still takes a lot of commitment to consistency more than any other lifestyle I’ve been exposed to, we’ve been talking about the “yin” aspects, or the emotional undercurrent of the practice, which I’ve been more interested in from the start. 

I’m a real lousy macrobiotic right now, but it’s okay. I’m in turbulence. That’s okay too. But I have been very consistent with making a ritual out of bathing, once a week.

I’m in the middle of making a poem about it right now, as my last bath of the year was really inspiring and beautiful, but the feelings are still too young and the thoughts still too burdensome and the images too concrete.

But, I had to work on new years, and the last thing we’ve been talking about is of using liquids and fluids in your life to help moderate your emotions. Water, the primordial fluid enraptures us all. I take communion with water once/week.

Here was my literal metaphorical bath for healing and invigoration, a goodbye, make peace with the year and prepare for the next formula:

Hot Hot Water, the hottest.

While running, dissolve three handfuls of mineral salts in the water(Epsom works)

Ounce of peppermint oil

A small handful of yarrow

A small handful of chamomile

Light a candle. I surrounded my candle with my favorite rocks I’ve found and a rose quartz stone.

As water sits, go in slowly, limb by limb. Observe self in mirror. Have nice posture, heart radiate outward. Feel all parts of body, thinking of healing, thinking of the accumulated dirt. Feel forehead. Feel heart. Feel stomach. Feel genitals. Feel the energy of the water rush up the skin as you sink in and try to match the temperature. Feel the dirt wash off immediately. Sink in to the water. Feel the salts open your pores, breathe in the scents of the herbs and oils. 

Scrub your body raw with a sponge. Feel the tingles, get rid of the dead skin.

Wash your body, every surface, especially the back and feet. I used olive oil based and oatmeal soap. Wash your armpits and genitals next, caressing everything. Enjoy that part. Close your eyes. Invite love.

I washed my face with Noxema, which has acid. I know it’s probably not the most healthy thing for my face, but after letting the noxema work, I put on an avocado clay mask for ten minutes. Brush your hair in the water, getting rid of the dead ones. Use shampoo if you do. I just do a scalp massage and wash with vinegar.

When you’re washed, lay in the water and breathe deeply for as long as you like. 

When you get out and dry off, slowly and ritualistically return all of the soaps and objects to their proper place. 

To cap off the ritual, I use witch hazel all over my face. 

To end, I rub my forehead and heart with rose and lavendar oils and invite my spirit to take me where it will.

I’ve been overly sensitive in modern terms after this bath, quivering, clean and alive. Emotionally sensitive, intelectually sensitive. Don’t forget about balance. 

“Sacred Women, I implore you to take your life in your own hands, and take hold of your daughter’s hands as best you can, and seek out your sisters, your mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts. Create a womb circle, speak womb talk, and pass it on—wombs are healing everywhere. Go heal a wounded womb, and charge a healed womb with light so that it may bear a bright future. Envision a planet of healthy minds and hearts. It is all up to us, the Peacemakers, the Keepers of the Womb. For when we as women go forth and sit on the sacred seat of Ast (Isis), the Great Mother within, then men, with all their warring over land, people, and resources, can do nothing but submit. Come sit with us in the Sacred Womb Circle, Sacred Women, and invoke your true divinity.”

-Queen Afua, Sacred Woman

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Day 4 of #emlive2014 . Concluding this blockbuster women’s festival by giving @sacredself ‘s alchemical oil PASSION to @daniellelaporte. Chatting starsigns in the bathroom with @gabbybernstein was fun too. The biggest energy of all? When Eve Ensler - think Vagina Monologues - reclaimed the Eve archetype through feisty poetry - “Orgasm not Ownership”. Carol Gilligan was even there to cheer her on #multiwavefeminism #cantbelieveitsover #bestconferenceever #onebillionrising @emergingwomen

As womyn, we are all mothers whether we are giving birth to a vision or a child.

The womb is sacred, all powerful, and the seat of creativity to a woman.
I am moved to honor my womb now more than ever. I am inspired by the stories I constantly hear of hysterectomies, painful menses, cervical cancer and other dis-eases of the womb from other womyn.

It is more than possible to speak to your womb and all of you.

1. My womb is sacred, and so is my life.
2. My womb is precious, and so is my life.
3. My womb is divine, and so is my life.
4. My womb is love, and so is my life.
5. My womb is whole and so is my life.
6. My womb is free, and so is my life.
7. My womb is radiant, and so is my life.
8. My womb is light, and so is my life.
9. My womb is great, and so is my life.
10. My womb is celestial, and so is my life.
11. My womb is peace, and so is my life.
12. My womb is bliss, and so is my life.
13. My womb is bright, and so is my life.
14. My womb is natural, and so is my life.
15. My womb is liberated, and so is my life.
16. My womb is full of energy, and so is my life.
17. My womb is pure, and so is my life.
18. My womb is in tune, and so is my life.
19. My womb is all powerful, and so is my life.
20. My womb is the seat of my creativity, and so is my life.
21. My womb is full, and so is my life.
22. My womb is filled with prayer, and so is my life.
23. My womb is a dynamic force, and so is my life.
24. My womb is holy, and so is my life.
25. My womb is the gateway to heaven here on earth, and so is my life.

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Breath of Fire according to me!

Happy Friday beautiful beings! The rain has eased up and I just finished an ahmazing love session of meditation. For the past week I have increased rapid breath of fire from the usual 3-5 minutes up to 20 minutes or more. I’ve shared the benefits according to the “text” and wanted to share my REAL, insperience!

So I deliberately meditate at least twice a day and during these meditations breath of fire has been phenomenal!

What I’ve noticed thus far are:

•increased mental clarity
•creativity has been through the roof
•increased energy (although I already sleep only 4-5 hours a day)
•a sciatic nerve pain that has kept me from doing hair for years and would often keep me from sleeping bc I would be in so much pain is basically gone! (Breath of fire helps repair the nervous system)

•I’ve been even more positive and things are manifesting even faster

•meditations are even more intense
•consistent presence and awareness of my body

I’m sure that as I continue to practice this more amazing benefits will birth themselves.

I should probably start a blog but what would you all want to hear about? 😆 give me some ideas below!

And make sure you take time to be still with yourself! Incorporate breath of fire into your life everyday to raise your energy, organically! I love you!

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4.11 Day 11 of the #negativityfast from the time you rise today express gratitude for everything you encounter. From the linens on your bed to blinker on your car! Everything you touch or encounter on today’s journey, notice it and SAY thank you. Raise your vibrations by expressing gratitude and you’ll usher in more things to be thankful for.

Remember that old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you those old familiar results. Your nature is love and abundance. Love in abundance to your day.

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The #negativityfast will open your eyes to how much negativity surrounds you on a daily basis from people and thoughts. Instead of resisting it or labeling it as good or bad use your meditation to reflect on why you have attracted this into your cypher. Meditation opens you up to yourself and helps you release anger, fear and negativity. Have you meditated today? #negativityfast #meditation #sagemaat #sacredself #centeredwithsage #thebillionairebrowngirl