Petalite, also known as Castorite, is highly spiritual. It has been called the “stone of the Angels” (not to be confused with Angelite) and will help one connect with one’s guides and enhances your angelic connection. It is also said to dissolve negativity and black magic spells. Petalite has been used on vision quests for strength, protection, and peace. It will balance one’s yin/yang qualities as well as one’s mind, body, and spirit. It also enhances one’s ability to feel energy in stones. Known as an aura calmer, this stone works on the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra in particular. This environmental stone enhances it surroundings. It is a strong generator of positive, higher energy.

Pink Petalite: Clears the heart meridian and emotional baggage. It strengthens the emotional body, and releases fear and worry. A stone of compassion, it promotes flexibility whilst maintaining gentle strength. Petalite renders negative energies impotent. It clears implants, miasms and negative karma at any level. With a high, pure vibration, Petalite opens to cosmic consciousness.

This stone is known as a harmonizer for the endocrine system. This stone is believed to work as a wonderful adjunct therapy for auto-immune disorders and disorders of the endocrine system. This stone can be helpful with muscular spasms, intestinal issues and benefits the lungs and eyes. Said to work on a cellular level.



THIS GIVEAWAY WAS FROM 2012 AND IS OVER! Also we have new version of them that look a thousand times better. Which you can buy here:

Legend of Zelda Spiritual Stones Set GIVEAWAY!!

Hey everyone! In the excitement of finally having these finished, I’m doing a giveaway for a full set of these lovely resin-cast pendants!  One lucky reblogger will have these three mailed to them - and you can have them as necklaces, as keychains, or without any mounting screws (decorative pieces)!

They’re available for sale at our Etsy Shop, as well!


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Here is a little something for all the FE:A fans who have been wanting to reach out and play the titles but can’t due to the insane skyrocket in prices of older titles. Here you will find a completely safe .rar bundle containing a nice starter pack for you!



  • A safe tested Game Boy Advance emulator that should run smoothly enough on all computers.
  • Fire Emblem 6: The Sword of Seals
  • Fire Emblem 7: The Sword of Fire/Rekka no Ken
  • Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones

Recommended Play Order

  1. FE8 
    Very low difficulty, short but enjoyable story (23 maps in total), amazing artwork, detailed pixel portraits, hella cute character designs!
    In an age long past… evil flooded over the land. Creatures awash in the dark tide ran wild, pushing mankind to the brink of annihilation. In its despair, mankind appealed to the heavens, and from a blinding light came hope. The Sacred Stones. These five glorious treasures held the power to dispel evil. The hero Grado and his warriors used the Sacred Stones to combat evil’s darkness. They defeated the Demon King and sealed his soul away within the stones. With the darkness imprisoned, peace returned to Magvel. But this peace would not last…
  2. FE7
    The first one to be released outside Japan! A true classic. It’s about Roy’s father (so it’s a prequel). Moderate difficulty, 3 different lords and this 3 stories to play, can be as long or as short as you want ( 32-41 maps depending on how you play), canon gay couple, cute dragons, and sexy villains of both sexes!
    Play as Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector to stop the resurrection of dragons or watch as the world is burned to a cinder!
  3. FE6
    A real challenge! Chronologically: its the sequel to FE7. Never released outside Japan so it’s fan translated! Finally you can learn Roy’s story! See all those characters in FE7 again! Cute kids with magic! Cute girls in armor! TWINS! TWINS! It’s like the children’s brigade over here! Plus you get a free bara and this hot piece of ass!
    Play as Roy and continue the story of FE7 just 15 years later and defend the Kingdom against the on coming invasion while unlocking all the secrets FE7 left behind.

Final Tip

  • Take advantage of the emulator’s save function. These games don’t have casual mode or any type of battle save so every move counts. But the emulator has a separate save option from the games that allow you to save anytime and anywhere in game! Use it! Test out different strategies if you’re in a bind and reset if it fails. Blast through maps that can take hours on your first try!
  • Trust me, you’ll need it at some point!