Pirates of the Caribbean - HMS Interceptor makes way under a Full Moon by Darvin Atkeson on Flickr.

I’ve been every place in this town
seeking employment
there is a scarcity of charity here
We slept on friends couches
for awhile.
Then we slept beneath the bridge
over a highway…
assuming we’d land jobs
soon enough
Once she was a checkout girl
at a grocery store.
and once I worked in a welding shop.
Believe me when it comes to work
theres nothing I wont do.
But everybodys hurting
and my friends are all broke too
and our applications yielded nothing.
strange to be here in a town called Rio Vista.
and we are living here by
the river. out of our truck
maybe we should move into the
next town over. But we grew up
here in Rio Vista.
though I am still hopeful
I am filled with despair
—  Tom Waits