Meaning of names in Supernatural Part 1


Castiel: “my cover is God” or “shield of God” in Hebrew

Balthazar: a very large wine bottle 

Gabriel: "God is my strength" in Hebrew

Gadreel: "son of earth" 

Hannah: "favor" or "grace" in Hebrew

Lucifer "to bring light" in Latin 

Metatron: "one who guards" in Greek

Michael: "who is like God?" in Hebrew

Anna: "gracious" in Latin

Naomi: “pleasantness” in Hebrew

Raphael: “God has healed” in Hebrew

Uriel: “angel of light” or “flame of God” in Hebrew

Zacheriah: “Yahweh remembers” in Hebrew


Abbadon: “death and destruction” in Hebrew 

Alastair: “helper” or “friend” in Greek

Azazel: understood as “scapegoat” in Arabic

Cain: “possessed” in Hebrew and “our battlefield” in French

Crowley: “descendant of the hard hero” or “descendant of the hardy warrior” in Irish 

Lilith: “night monster” or “storm goddess” in Hebrew

Meg: “pearl” in Greek

Ruby: a precious stone 

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Gabriel is on time out with TFW for misbehaving so no one is paying attention to him. He gets annoyed and says more and more disturbing things to get a rise out of someone and eventually slips and mentions that he's sleeping with Sam and that's how Dean finds out

NGL, “dean finding out” is always one of my favorite plot ideas, because I just love the all around reactions. I imagine it goes down kinda like

BUT THAT ASIDE. Gabriel’s definitely the ‘problem child’ who misbehaves for attention, and he never outgrows it. Ever. Sam starts learning to deal with it, and gets that whenever Gabriel does something really snarky and standoffish it means to give him lots of love. (A little too much love. Dean picks up on… wait a minute… you guys weren’t…. you’re not just… shit.)

A Paper on Angels

So I’m trying to get my mum (who’s a teacher), to watch Supernatural, and she agreed she’d give it a shot if I wrote about something I find noteworthy in the show. Naturally, I wrote about angels. 

Note that I’ve only watched till mid season seven, so this is really incomplete. 


The God Squad; Them Who Are Dicks

Ah, angels. Otherwordly, celestial beings with daddy issues and an intense desire to roast humans alive. For the Greater Good, of course. They’ve probably been hanging out with Albus Dumbledore.

Their true forms are known to burn people’s eyes out of their skulls, an experience that is assumed to be unpleasant for most- this is because angels are too magnificent for mortal little us to witness. Trying to communicate with humans while in their true forms results in a lot of dramatically broken glass.

In order to avoid all the fuss mentioned above, they are required to inhabit a human’s body while on Earth. Having an angel camping in your head is not only exhausting, but you have no life anymore and are miserable forever. On the bright side, the vessel’s consent is necessary, so there is no angelic-possesion equivalent of rape.

In order to coax their human vessels into saying “yes” (no, they’re not getting married, I wondered too) some angels proceed to assure the humans that they are Very Special Snowflakes with an important Role to play in the Big Plan (which is destroying the world).

(It should be noted that Lucifer strongly protests against my phrasing. He also has Special Snowflake Syndrome, but that’s okay).

Angels’ genders, or possibly lack thereof, are unknown, but they are commonly reffered to with the pronouns of their chosen vessels. We have absolutely no idea if they’re okay with that, because no one bothered asking them.

Now, let’s go over some of the show’s main angel figures.

Castiel: His dynamic entry to the trainwreck of a show that is Supernatural consists of him gripping Dean Winchester tight and raising him from perdition. This action leaves the impression of Castiel’s palm on Dean’s shoulder, something we (the fandom) secretly find hot. Unfortunately, it later on disappears with little explanation.

During their first meeting on Earth, Dean stabs Castiel in the heart (no, literally), and they embark on a journey of love, heartbreak…and love. The road ahead of them is rocky, but as is known: gay love can pierce through the veil of Death and save the day.

Castiel’s personality is a mixture of socially awkward, confused potato, and badass mofo. He is actually less of a dick than most his brothers and sisters; rebells against Heaven itself and chooses Free Will. His loyalty to the Winchesters is unwavering. Except for when he betrays them to eat monster souls. But that is just a phase.

He was also God for a while, something that gave us (the fandom) several, intense eyegasms.

Uriel: He is a friendless, bitter dick who secretly ships Destiel. It is his guilty pleasure.

Balthazar: Enter a british, hilarious and just a little bit douchey angel who we (the fandom) love, for reasons unknown. He has a tendency to fevertly deny caring about anything, usually accompanied by high-class sarcasm, and then help in saving the world, anyway. He is Captain of many ships; Destiel and the Titanic come to mind first. Castiel stabs and kills him because he is going through a douche phase.

Zachariah: In his own words, Zachariah is petty. He is wrong to claim he is worse than Lucifer, though; Lucy is everyone’s adored evil bastard. Except for being an occasionally funny douche, and doing a shitty job of convincing Dean and Sam to say “yes” to Michael and Lucifer (still not getting married), Zachariah does little of import. He also has no friends. It is a common occurence between angels.

Anna: Originally introduced as a human girl unwillingly tuning in to Angel Radio, Anna is soon revealed to be a fallen angel and effortlessly wins everyone’s hearts by being the only known angel so far to not take shit from above. She has steamy sex with Dean Winchester in the impala, something we (the fandom) are envious of. Yes. We envy both Anna and Dean.

After ganging up with the Winchester Bros and thoroughly trolling her fellow angels and a bunch of demons, Anna reclaims her stolen Grace. Of course, the existense of a badass female character in the show is unacceptable, and therefore she eventually proceeds to become a bitch and die. We (the fandom) are still kind of into her.


Michael: With a need to be inside Dean Winchester (not in that sense, that’s something only Castiel’s allowed to do, or Sammy if that’s what you’re into) and to be a Good Little Soldier, Michael is one of the most hated people in a group of hated people. Ignoring that his daddy has long ago left the building and doesn’t give a piece of panda poo what anyone does, he is determined to follow the Big Plan to the letter, and bring forth the Apocalypse. Our (the fandom’s) hatred of him is somewhat lessened by his habit to wear Ridiculously Hot Winchesters.

Gabriel: Having long ago flipped Heaven and Hell alike the finger and taken on the identity of Loki, the Trickster, Gabriel’s domain is on Earth. When the Winchesters first cross paths with him, Dean expresses an appreciation of the Trickster’s style; however, he and Sam stab him with a stick and go their merry way, convinced that they have ended him.

He is a badass (Arch)angel of the Lord, though, and will not die quite so easily. He makes the “Lucy, I’m home!” reference I had been waiting for since Lucifer was introduced to the show, and is murdered by his brother while attempting to stand up to his family. There’s probably a moral lesson in there somewhere. He has a soft spot for Candy and Sam Winchester. We (the fandom) have developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with him, and we are not sorry. He is a gift to the world.

Raphael: The world’s first and only Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel. The one angel to inhabit female and male bodies alike, bless the little shit for that. It’s probably the only good thing he’s done. For the most part his is a major dick, who is supposedly very powerful, but becomes Castiel’s bitch on several occasions. We (the fandom) approve of that.

Lucifer: In result to his throwing a temper tantrum when humanity was created, Lucifer was promptly kicked out of heaven and locked in a cage by his dearest brother Michael. His daddy issues rival my own, which is certainly saying something. Contrary to popular belief, the Devil is a sympathetic sort of guy, who loves his dysfunctional family to bits, but is really not cool with the way they do things. He also happens to have a Thing for Sam Winchester, and his references are priceless.

We (the fandom) feel thay we can relate to Lucifer on a frankly alarming level, and many of us want to make sweet love to him and cuddle afterwards. The “he just needs a hug” excuse is not one I am commonly fond of, but it is sadly close to the truth in this particular case.

This has been a fun ride, and I would like to end my quirky little rambling with a quote: “But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?”

Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

I don’t understand why the Old Kingdom Trilogy isn’t more popular. I know there’s a thousand and one different fantasy series out there with female heroes. But how many of those heroes are Necromancers? Zombies are popular so why wouldn’t Necromancers be too?

The worldbuilding is excellent. Because the author hasn’t just created the Old Kingdom, which is so vivid and real you can see it clearly in your mind. But also the neighbouring Ancelstierre, which has no magic, and Death. Which in this series is a world of its own, with Nine Gates and countless dangers.

Guys, if you like reading AT ALL, then check out the Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix. It’s about a teenage girl who saves the world, and rescues the POC Prince who falls in love with her. The first book is called Sabriel. It’s excellent and totally underrated.

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Sam is in the bunker and goes to make himself lunch and when he opens the cupboard a MOUNTAIN of candy falls out. So he screams "GABRIEL" and goes to the fridge and it happens again. Gabriel never told anyone where he put the original food.

Okay, but can you imagine Gabriel’s face when Sam makes a deal with him?  He’ll take off one item of clothing for every ingredient that Gabriel brings back.

Sam ends up frying bacon sandwiches in his boxers, and Dean walks in on him calmly turning bacon strips as Gabriel perches on the end of the counter, watching happily.

Dean turns around and walks right back out.

okay! not one of my personal ships, so this should be fun :)

  • immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on - Gabriel
  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes - Gabriel
  • sends the other unsolicited nudes - Gabriel
  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt - Gabriel
  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops - Gabriel
  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit - Gabriel
  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body) - Sam and Sam haha
  • wears the least clothing around the house - Gabriel
  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason - Sam

wow, that turned out funny haha :)

send me a ship!

Reddit’s community /r/fandomnatural shares its fanfiction weekly recommendations here!

It’s the End of the World as We Know it (and I Feel Fine) by mtothedestiel

Destiel, Teen and Up

Summary: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy AU. Sam Winchester is living a happy, ordinary life on Earth. Except now his friend Castiel is saying he’s an alien, and the world is about to be demolished to make room for an intergalactic highway. Sam has no choice but to believe him, especially once Castiel promises to reunite him with his long lost brother: Dean.

These Bleeding feet (Dance Only for You) by JinxedAmbitions

Dean/Cas, Explicit

Castiel has danced his entire life. It has always been his dream to dance en pointe in the Russian Ballet; however, his mother and his instructors encourage him to stick to the classical style. Castiel leaves his family and the ballet academy behind to come to Chicago for a chance to dance as he has dreamed.

While he trains in a tiny unheated studio, he meets Dean Winchester who has come to fix the heater. They build an unlikely friendship as Cas trains for the production. Dean doesn’t understand the first thing about ballet, but he teaches Castiel about friendship and family, and Castiel has never danced so well as when he performs for Dean.

Foxfire, by PeppermintIndulgence

Sabriel, Explicit

Summary: Gabriel is a kitsune, having just earned his sixth tail. With a celebratory night out, he ends up turning his attention towards a hunter. All he was supposed to be was a one night stand, but he hadn’t expected himself to become so fascinated with the human.

Thursday’s Child by strangnessandcharm

Dean/Cas, Explicit

It’s an Endverse CU where Dean succeeding in killing Lucifer (not spoiling stuff, believe me), and the repercussions of that event and the Croatoan virus pandemic.

Ghostly Spooky Spook by SirEskimoChuck

Destiel, mature

Deanie Weanie Winchester and Castiel McSexy Novak were ghost hunters who were really in love in the 1970’s.

Broadway Musical by grifting

Destiel, Mature

Summary: This is the day that marked the Holy and Blessed Union of Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle.

The merging of prominent bloodlines is always a grand occurrence, but breeding pedigree hunter families like Winchester and Harvelle is something to be rejoiced. It is also something to be meticulously planned, which thankfully the Host is very good at.

rolling down the river by xylodemon

Destiel, Explicit

Summary: “Bad news: he discovered riverboat gambling.”

The Collector by tikistitch

Gen, General audience

Summary: After a raid on the house containing a bizarre assortment of magical creatures, Bobby Singer, the sheriff of a quiet town in Montana, takes in an orphaned angel named Castiel.

Except Thou Bless Me by architeuthis

Destiel, explicit

Author Summary: Castiel is wroth, and Dean is having a great time.

Below Skyscrapers by aesc

Dean/Cas, R

Summary: “Castiel, this is Detective Winchester,” Bobby’s saying, voice rough and real. It’s a distraction, although a brief one, the angel glancing at him before studying Dean again with that same silent intensity. “He’ll be on the Circle Murders too.”

Vocabulary by Innie

Gen, PG

Summary: Given a week to define himself, Sam watches Dean.

Black Swan

Black Swan by  omphalos and Wolfling

Pairing: Sam Winchester/Gabriel, Castiel/ Dean Winchester

Length: 66404

Rating: Explicit

Warnings/Tags: Post-apocalypse, apocalyptic themes, depowered Gabriel, hurt/comfort

Status: Complete

Summary:A post-apocalyptic road trip with a still recovering archangel wasn’t how Sam had envisioned the aftermath of their big plan, but it sure beat a lot of the alternatives.


 What a wonderful fic! Starts off after 5.13 Swan’s Song. Well -paced and funny, I really fell head over heels with Sam and Gabriel falling in love during their journey to be reunited with their brothers. I could actually picture this fic as a canon episode.

I’d add in that while this is a lovely fic, it does get quite dark and angsty. There’s a solid couple of chapters where Sam and Gabriel are in some bad places mentally (mainly Sam); it does get better in the end and there is a HEA :D

Post-apocalypse fic? I’m so there. It’s one of my favorite scenarios ever, and it’s as plot-focused as I hoped it would when I read the summary. There’s romance, there’s angst, but it’s all conductive to the plot. Awesome characterization, too.

Do not imagine your OTP getting a dog

Do not imagine your OTP arguing at the kennel because one wants the small, fluffy terrier and the other one wants a cool guard dog

Do not under any circumstances imagine your OTP sleeping in the same bed with the little dog sleeping between them on the pillow while the big dog is sprawled across their feet