“Later on in the series Jon Snow’s friends Pyp and Grenn can be seen eating lunch in the dingy Castle Black mess hall. Production designer Gemma Jackson made a particularly nasty gruel for the actors to eat, but didn’t tell them: Kit Harington confirmed that Josef Altin, who played Pyp, wouldn’t eat it - and if you watch closely that Mark Stanley, otherwise known as Grenn, can’t bring himself to swallow.” (x)

misc. gifsets [2/?] - Grenn chewing on the horrible porridge in 1x04
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I hope you enjoy family time with the Arryns.

DARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH , this is so so so so so cute afagsfasfhdg!!! ;______; I ENJOY IT VERY MUCH MY FRIEND thank you so much!!

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Hey Butterfly. :> I’m doing a reread and notice all the other things, and actually I’m wondering /when/ Theon would have been returned to the Greyjoys, given the War of Five Kings don't happen? As far as I understand the party in power holds a hostage until their demands are met (or death happens i.e. like with Kevan’s sons). Theon - as the apparent sole male heir after Balon’s Rebellion - was the Stark hostage to prevent Balon from another uprising. (1/2)

By AGOT he was long a man grown by law and still was with the Starks (and the Greyjoy brothers were scheming stuff + Asha was his heir + Balon basically gave up on Theon, so it’s a bit of an ironic coincidence that he returned to Pyke at that time). Anyway, would he be free to go only after Balon’s death (no matter when that would happen)? Thanks in advance for your time!

Hmm. I’m trying to think of other hostage-on-good-behavior examples in ASOIAF, and the only thing that comes to mind is the hostage children that were taken to King’s Landing after the end of the Blackfyre Rebellion. (For example, Alysanne Osgrey.) Most of these hostages died during the Great Spring Sickness (13 years after the end of the war), and thus their parents began plotting again, resulting in the Second Blackfyre Rebellion.

So, considering that so many people could be hostages for 13 years (Alysanne was 7 when she was taken, became a silent sister, and died at age 20 without ever returning home), with no time of return even suggested… well, that says a lot about Theon’s situation.

If the War of Five Kings had never happened — if Ned Stark had never gone south and died, etc — I really do think that Theon might have only been returned to Pyke after Balon’s death. And considering his uncles, his return would probably be arranged so that his inheritance would hopefully continue the Greyjoys’ good behavior. Of course that doesn’t factor in Greyjoy internal politics, Balon giving up on Theon, Asha being treated as Balon’s heir, Euron’s ambition, etc., and it’s possible that Ned (or Robb, depending) would have had to make different arrangements if they learned the details.

But one of the presumable benefits of having a child hostage is teaching them the “good behavior”, so that they will continue in that manner once they are allowed to return. (Think of MCU’s Loki, the Jotun heir raised in Asgard; Odin hoped to eventually install him as an Asgardian-friendly ruler of Jotunheim.) I mean, Balon was basically correct when he told Theon that living with the Starks had made him forget the Ironborn ways. And whether this was planned or accidental, I wouldn’t doubt that Ned would have approved of this difference if he had noticed it.

Of course sometimes you get a total backlash to this attempted conditioning (for example, um, Loki, or well, Theon). So even if a nice Stark-friendly Theon had returned to the Iron Islands after Balon’s death and inherited the rule without too much internal strife, there’s no guarantee he would have stayed Stark-friendly.

On the other hand, I once wondered what would have happened if Theon had not been sent as a messenger to his father, if he had still been with Robb when word came of Balon’s new rebellion. (Posts here and here.) Would Robb have done what he’d think Ned would have done and executed the hostage? Would Ned have even done that (the question of whether Ned would have ever executed child Theon is a good one btw), or would he have seen how that obviously would not affect any of Balon’s plans, and just write Theon off as a loss? And if Theon had not been executed, but not allowed to ever go back to the Iron Islands again in case he turned his cloak… would he have just stayed a greenlander? Married some northern lady (probably not Sansa as he briefly dreamed as a child, but somebody), had northern kids, maybe eventually been given some keep in the North? There was a Theon Stark once, you know…

Gendry/Davos/Arya fic for Sabotensan "Foundling"

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You ask for prompts, right? I loved your Davos and Gendry stuff, so here’s my prompt: Davos is giving Gendry the “talk”. You know, everyone knows about Gendry and Arya and while Stannis is all “LOL NOPE NEVER”, Davos sits back and enjoys the show and decides to help Gendry out, as a person of advice (and kinda treating him like one of his sons because Davos realized he can’t give the talk to all his sons anymore *ugly fangirl tears* and he took a liking to Gendry. Because he’s Gendry.).

SORRY I CAN’T WRITE FUNNY FIC IT IS ALL ANGSTY. Also sorry sorry sorry it is so late/poorly written etc

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Grenn x Pyp, 30. Under the Rain

Part of Drabbleverse.

Grenn was very drunk by the time that they got into the car, his eyes glazed, his mouth hanging open.

“You don’t think he’ll vomit, will he?” Sam asked, clambering into the back of Pyp’s station wagon.

“If he does, I’ll kill him,” muttered Pyp, glancing over his shoulder to check for traffic.  It was late–much later than he knew that Sam had intended to be out, and even though it was raining, Pyp drove a little faster than he probably should have to get Sam home.  He lived further from the bar than Grenn did, but Grenn wouldn’t notice, and Grenn had given up the right to complain, frankly.  There was no one on the road, and Pyp knew how to handle hydroplaning.  He wasn’t worried.

The lights in Sam’s apartment were on when they got there, and Sam waved goodbye tiredly as he got out of the car without a word.  Grenn started when he slammed the door.

“What?  Where?  Who?”

“Getting you home,” said Pyp.


“Yes, that’s me,” said Pyp.  

“Oh.  Good.”  Grenn made as if he were chewing the air, frowning slightly.  "How long?“

"How long till what?” Pyp asked, pulling back out onto the road.

“Home?  Need to piss.”

“Ten minutes.  Maybe less,” Pyp replied.

“Need to piss now, Pyp,” said Grenn.

Pyp rolled his eye and pulled over to the side of the road.  It was still raining, though not as heavily as before.  The thunder had stopped as well, so he couldn’t really say it was too dangerous.  He put the car in park, and Grenn pushed open the door and almost fell onto the ground.

“Oh, you great idiot,” sighed Pyp, unbuckling and getting out on his side.  He rounded the car quickly, helping Grenn to his feet.  "Can you do it on your own?“ he asked.

"Yes,” said Grenn emphatically, stumbling over to a tree.  Pyp rolled his eyes and turned away so, keeping his eye on the road in case someone drove by and he had to think up some sort of quick excuse.

“Pyp,” called Grenn.

“Yes Grenn?”

“You’re the best, you know that?”

Pyp would have smiled, except he was cold and wet and tired and hadn’t gotten to drink this evening because he was the one driving everyone home.

“Thanks, Grenn,” he said.

“I mean it–you really are.  Better than everyone else.  Best in the world.”

“It would mean a lot more if you said that when you weren’t taking a piss,” said Pyp.

“Well, I’m saying it now because I can.  I’m drunk.  And you’re supposed to say things you mean when you’re drunk.”

“You more than anyone.  You about done?  It’s still raining.”

Grenn stumbled back from the tree and wrapped his arms around Pyp.  It was a tight hug, and for a moment, Pyp was afraid his ribs would break.

“Best friend,” said Grenn.  "The very best.“  And he pressed a kiss to Pyp’s lips.

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He always forgets how fucking small they are when they first get here.  Tiny things with tiny voices.  By the time they are done with their first year, they’re a bit bigger, a bit older, a bit wiser, but they all stare at him in a mixture of confusion and horror as he hollers, “First years.  This way,” and waves his lamp around so they’ll see him.  As if they could miss him.  They’re all puny and he’s bloody tall, isn’t he?

He stares down at them all, gathered in their black robes all new and neat and unworn before and he grunts, “Right, this all of you then?”  A few of them mumble that they think so and without another word Sandor turns on his heel and marches them down the pathway towards the boats.  

This lot’s a quiet lot, and they don’t whisper among themselves behind him as they make their way down to the water and climb into the boats, no more than four to each one, and with a wave of his wand, he sends them all on their way.  Dondarrion’ll be on the other side waiting for them so Sandor doesn’t even bother getting in a boat and seeing them across.  He does watch them, though.  In case the giant squid causes trouble.

When they’re no more than dots on the other side of the lake, he turns and marches back towards the cabin by the forest.  He really should have fucking quit this job already.

 with one hand you free me, with one hand i’m steel

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