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A girl who wants the “high” life, if I saw you in person, you’d probably have on a bunch of name brand expensive clothing. to you nice clothing is the way of life, a very materialistic person, and into the normal things normal girl care about and laugh at. 

nothing special, i’d say.

Send me a ✖ and i’ll tell you my blunt first impression of you. Don’t be scared.

Sometimes your best friend can be your best end, you’ll be okay again. So keep wandering until you find yourself, you’re not lost I promise. You just have to be your own hero for a little while…

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Just read your ready for love post, tell me what you think of mine please(:

I like your post! I myself was a fan of Shandi, never really liking Alba and though other girls were nice he had no interest in them. The Ernesto climbing ending was adorable and I’m sad they are no longer together. I didn’t really like any of Ben’s girls. I thought they were all far too simple minded for him. The only one who had even an ounce of his brains was friend zoned. Angela and Ben didn’t work out either but this one doesn’t surprise me. While I did like Sara as a person, her relationship with Tim was so serious and he saw her more as a role model than a partner. Jenna brought out this fun, quirky romantic side and though I didn’t start out liking her I was rooting for her in the end. He is still together with Jenna and they seem happy.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my teen wolf post, it really means a lot to me! for more teen wolf posts be sure to follow me for weekly updates as well as other shows upon request of course! I also do promo's if you're interested. Great blog btw, Xo (:

Oh it is no problem. Your story was a great read ^^ I will be definitely waiting for more ;) 


Someone needs to teach this boy to be subtle (;

for a break down of the fosters click here 

For fosters fans tells me what I should tag my videos next time it has to be unique, nothing thats already existing!