Sabethes cyaneus

…a colorful species of mosquito that occurs in Central and South America, ranging from Belize to northern Argentina. Like most mosquitoes this species is a ‘parasite’ and will feed on the blood meal of mammals. Males of this species are known to put on an elaborate courtship display to attract females. This display consists of the male waving his legs and swinging his body back and forth.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Diptera-Nematocera-Culicomorpha-Culicoidea-Culicidae-Culcinae-Sabethini-Sabethes-S. cyaneus

Images: Sean McCann and Andre Megroz

In all honesty

Ice was pretty chill tonight.
•no drama
•no arguments
•got Sabeth to be nice to Dillon now
•plus we saw a truck almost catch fire.

Then Dillon got comfortable on me and passed out. Poor kid has been running on fuels because he wants to hang out. And since I know I’m a comfy pillow (multiple friends have said so) I laid on my back so he can sleep for about an hour or two.
Now heading back to his place so we can grab Alli’s car and take me home.

Plus he twitches in his sleep. I told him and he said he doesn’t know why. Is it weird that I think it’s adorable?

how was everyone's weeend?

So how was it? Hopefully good.

Mine was shitty but good.

Friday: i celebrated my 20th birthday at the lounge. But it was ruined by one of my ‘friends’ who started seeing Dillon… yeah Dillon the boy I like. Well I ended up crying the entire night and had to say it wasn’t them. Oh and my other friend proposed to her girlfriend of like 2 weeks.

Saturday: I ended up spending the afternoon with Dillon, Misty, Brandon, and stranger danger. After finding no bonfire pits we dropped stranger danger off at home. We then went to the lounge where Cookie, Bear, Sabeth, and Hubs threw me a birthday redo party. It was amazing. I actually had a bunch of fun and got to get drunk… which was even funnier for everyone.

Sunday: I grabbed dinner with my family (birthday tradition) then picked up Misty. It had it’s ups and downs since we didn’t have the night we planned. Which bummed a bit but it ended on a good note. Ended up joking with Dillon and Brandon before they left. So that was something. Oh and while waiting for Misty I found out I knew Brandon before. Yeah I used to like him but when he was a little weird on(he still is weird) and I told Misty(who is his new girlfriend but also pregnant with Dillon, his best friend’s, kid). It’s pretty funny because he doesn’t know, that’s how much we both changed.

But hopefully tonight will go over well too. I mean we are supposed to have a small bonfire.