So I'm an idiot.

I like to take pictures, right? I like to consider myself an amateur photographer.

Yet, I didn’t really have anywhere to post my stuff. Except Tumblr.

Then I’m like- “Wait… DUH. POST IT ON TUMBLR.”

Why do I do this to myself?


I won’t spam it, I’ll probably pick a few photos and have one upload a day. Just makes it easier for people.

anonymous asked:

Dear Faramir, I'm not sure what to do about my father at the moment. He left my family when I was three, and moved to Texas. I haven't talked to him since then, and I only recently accepted that he would never be part of my life. I've only ever heard bad things about him. I have eight other half siblings (that I'm aware of) that he fathered, and abandoned like he did with me and my older brother and sister. He was a drug dealer, and a thief. He's been in prison for the past (1/3) -Sabariel

(cont) several years, and he just got out a few weeks ago. After he got out, he decided he wanted to reconnect with my brother and sister and myself, (we were the family he stuck with the longest) and he’s decided to move back to our town as soon as he’s able. My oldest sister is in contact with him, and she said that he really wants to meet me and fix things. My mom is nervous to let him, but he still has custody of me, so she can’t really stop him, and she said it’s my (cont) decision. I’ve dreamed about my dad coming back ever since he left, and I’ve always struggled with not feeling sad about him leaving. So of course, now that I’ve put it behind me, he comes back. I’m not sure if I want to meet him anymore though. I’ve wondered my entire life what having a dad would be like, but I’m afraid that he’ll let me down if I let him in. No one wants to give me advice because it’s my decision, but I just don’t know. What do you think I should do? -Sabariel (3/3)


My Dearest Friend,

We do not get to choose our parents, and it seems like you and I have not been very lucky on that matter. However, you are faced with a choice: you can let your father into your life, or leave him out. It is a tough decision to make, and I perfectly understand that you are feeling conflicted. But remember mellon, whatever decision you make, it is not definitive, you can still change your mind later. Even if your father has your custody, you do not have to see him if you do not wish to do so.

Here is my advice: why don’t you meet him just once, to see how things go, and then decide if you want to see him again or not? You can meet him with your sister if it helps you feel more comfortable, or in a place you are familiar with, or your can maybe give him a phone call first! What matters is that you feel comfortable and safe, or it will certainly never work.

Do not be afraid to make it about you, and not about him, or about your mother, and do not forget that whatever decision you make, you will still be able to go back if you wish to.

I hope my advice will help you make a decision, feel free to come back if there is anything more I can do.

All my love,


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Dear Tauriel, recently, a boy I was best friends with for three years tried to tell me that feminism doesn't matter. I tried to explain to him why it does, and I thought that he understood, but I guess not. He told all of our friends on campus that I'm a man-hating lesbian. I never thought he would out me as lesbian, because he's gay and knows how it feels to be outed. But now everyone knows I'm lesbian, and they think I hate men, which is not the case, and I don't know what to do. -Sabariel

My dear Sabariel,

Feminism is nothing else but wanting equality between genders, and there is nothing wrong with that. People who pretend otherwise need to do some research on the subject before they speak, that is all.

Now if you have already talked to your friend and explained him, I don’t think there is much more you can do about it unfortunately. But who knows, maybe with time he will understand his mistake. However, he had no right to say mean things about you, or to reveal things you did not wish to be revealed. It was unfair, and rude. Do you really want to be friend with someone like him? As I said, he probably will realise his mistake one day, and understand how awful he has been. But for now I suggest that you try to surround yourself with people who understand and accept you for who you are, and who share your values.

You may feel like everyone is against you, but there are good people in this world, you just need to look for them sometimes!

I wish you the best of luck my dearest mellon!




I like how this concept turned out :I. I’ll probably end up making a more rendered version of this piece in the future.

But before that, I had planned to draw one of my character’s names out of a hat and draw one of them a day.

I’m not sure you guys realized how much time this will take. I counted today and found out I have 123 characters. And this is after ditching some.

There’s a “Draw this Again” contest on DeviantART, so I decided to redraw an old picture of my fantasy wolf pack that desperately needed updating anyway.

This is only a sketch, I plan on coloring it, so I’ll link back to it after I upload the finished version on DeviantART.


It was a cool harvest eve. The smell of fallen leaves mingled with the aroma of spiced pumpkin and ale. It was a celebration, Sabariel had come to learn, an end of harvest for the farmers. Forthwind had a similar holiday, but she never took any enjoyment in it, being paraded about by Thaydon, to show the people of Hildebrant his most prized trophy. 

A young woman, one who’d always been quite kind to Sabariel, sat next to the woman who stared into the fires. There was music floating in the air, and a few of the townspeople had begun to dance, but Sabariel hadn’t danced since fleeing from Doreryn. Not even on her wedding day. The young girl, Talila, smiled over to Sabariel, who couldn’t bring herself to return the smile. She rarely ever smiled these days. In spite of her freedom over the past year, she felt there was nothing to smile for.

“I love this time of year,” Talila exclaimed. “The end of harvest has been my favorite holiday ever since I was a child.” When Sabariel didn’t respond, Talila looked over to her. “What about you, your highness? Did they have anything like this in your homeland?" 

Sabariel looked forward into the flames, reveling in a moment of silence. "We celebrated many things. Marriages, births, deaths, successions to the throne. We celebrated the day of the deities, and the full moon.”

“That sounds fun!” Talila chirped. “Do you… Do you think when you regain your throne… That things will go back to the way they were?" 

Another silence was taken as Sabariel pondered her question. 

”…Life will continue as it was, I suppose. What is left of my people will return to the land. We will rebuild what can be rebuilt, and let fall to ash what cannot or should not. Eons will pass, and the next cycle of life will never know the horror that happened to their land. The people will carry on. They will live, love, renew. With that will come the celebration of things we once held high regards in.“

"That’s a nice way of looking at it.” Talila grinned and looked up at the sky. “I bet when you take over the throne, you’ll have a big party.”

“I do not want to be celebrated,” Sabariel interjected quickly. “There will be no celebration for my return to the throne.”

Talila seemed to do a double-take, looking to the elven woman again. “But your people will be happy! They’ll have their home back!" 

"They will have their land back,” Sabariel corrected her. “They will never have their homes again.” Again her eyes fell to the fire. “My return to the throne only signifies the return of what rightfully belongs to my people. It does not signify justice, or victory.”

“Doesn’t it?” Talila asked, brows perked. “Isn’t it justice that Hildebrant be punished and your land be returned to you?" 

"No,” Sabariel replied, not skipping a beat. “They took my father’s life. They took part of mine. They made the world a horrible, dark place for those who dreamed of nothing more than to live among the forest." 

Sabariel’s eyes closed, the sound of fire crackling settling between the two of them.

"I know it won’t bring them back,” Talila said quietly. “But wouldn’t you be happy, knowing that your father is looking after you, proud that you’ve taken back your throne for your people?”

“My father would understand that I will never find joy again,” Sabariel said quietly. Her eyes opened slowly, a film of tears misted over them. 

“There’s always joy in this world, Sabariel,” Talila protested. “You’ll take back your throne… You’ll marry someone you love, have children, continue your lineage–”

“ will be a prisoner again,” Sabariel murmured. 

“No, you– you’ll be free–”

“I will take back my throne because I’m obligated to. Not for myself, but for the honor of my family, and my people. I will marry not someone I love, but someone who will best suit the needs of my people as king, because their needs come before mine. I will have children not because I want to, but because they are needed to carry on the throne. Everything I do, I will do out of duty, and not happiness." 

"Can’t you have it both ways?” Talila questioned, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“No,” Sabariel replied. “I will never be happy, knowing I sit upon the throne where my father’s bones currently reside. I will never be happy, knowing the anguish and torment he endured out of duty to his people, knowing I must do the same. I will never be happy knowing I was only a trophy to one man, and nothing more than a bearer of children for the next. I will never feel happiness looking down at my children’s faces and knowing they are only on this earth to inherit a blood-stained throne from a queen who was broken long before she sat upon it.”

“That’s absolute rubbish!” Talila spat, her eyes seeming to light with the fire near them. “Your highness, some things have to be done out of duty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. I have to go out and milk the cows, and I have to go out and help my father pull weeds from the crops. But I find happiness in it because I’m under a bright blue sky, whistling tunes with my father while I do it. We’re bound by duty, but not by misery.”

“That is not how it works for me,” Sabariel answered.

“Why not?”

“Because the things that once made me happy are all gone. If your bright blue sky, and your father, were to be taken away, all you would be left with is duty.”

“Then you find something else to make you happy! The pain of loss is great, your highness, but choosing not to live past that pain is a far worse fate than death!”

Sabariel’s eyes fell to the flames once more.

“Then wouldn it not be better to be dead?” She asked in a hushed tone.

“Never,” Talila hissed. “Life is the greatest gift we have, your highness. It comes with hardships, but there is always light." 

"I thought the same before I entered the walls of Hildebrant. I knew there would be hardships ahead of me, but I thought there would always be light after it. My escorts were slaughtered in front of me. My very name was stripped from me. But I believed there would always be light, once the darkness passed." 

Sabariel felt a leaf fall onto her shoulder; she plucked it up and twirled it by the stem, focusing on the movement.

"When Thaydon asked me to travel with him to Doreryn before our wedding day, my heart was full. I would see my homeland again, at least one last time before it was turned into Thaydon’s nightmare. I wanted to remember the moment forever. After weeks of torture and darkness, the sky… It was so blue when we left the castle walls. Even bound, I felt free, just feeling the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair.

When we arrived in Doreryn, everything changed. The bodies of my soldiers were left strewn out int he sun. Crows and animals were feeding from their flesh, and the smell of death was everywhere. He took me to the castle… The place I was born, where my mother and father raised me, where I learned the beauties and wonders of the world. My father’s body was still sat on the throne.” She swallowed hard, blinking furiously. “His head was missing. I remember asking where it was… They had put it on a pike in the center of our village. All of my belongings were destroyed. Everything I loved was gone.

When we left the castle, nothing was the same. The trees were no longer as lush and green. The flowers that remained were no longer vivid or fragrant. Food tasted like ash. I remember most of all the journey back to Forthwind. They sky… It was perfectly clear, but the blue… It just was not as blue anymore. The sun no longer felt warm. There was no happiness in the world.” She closed her eyes, a tear trailing down her cheek. “I’ve never felt happiness since that day. Nothing has ever been the same. Apples do not taste as sweet, and birds do not chirp as beautifully. Music has no more meaning. I feel no love for anything, only duty. I feel as if my existence is only out of responsibility for what was lost.”

“Your highness, you can’t continue to dwell in darkness like that. You just can’t. There’s people in this world who care about you and want to see you happy, and not only should you do it for them, but you should do it for yourself. Otherwise, what are we fighting for? Really, if you told all of this to Althanomir–”

“Althanomir is a good person, Talila, please do not mistake me.” Sabariel interjected. “But my feelings are of no concern to him, nor are his to me. He rescued me, and I am grateful for his compassion, because it gives me the chance to perform my duties as I should.”

“But do you think he would have saved you had he known you wouldn’t be happy?" 

"He did not save me to see me happy, Talila. He saved me because it was his duty to do so.”

“And bringing you to Arvandor? That was duty?" 

"He has his reasons for bringing me here, and I am confident that they are not based on my happiness. He is a good man, and a good ally.”

“He’s your friend, your highness. You just said it, he’s a good guy. He’s not just doing out of this out of duty, he’s doing it to help you. Why would he want to help you, if not to make you happy?" 

"I do not know, and I do not question him for what he does." 

"Then maybe you should.” Talila’s brows furrowed. “Your highness… You’re not being fair to Althanomir at all.”

“I am doing nothing to him. I speak with him about what needs to be spoken of, I respect his decisions, and I comply with his wishes as long as I see them appropriate.”

“That’s not being a friend.”

“I am not here to seek friends, Talila. That is not my purpose for being here.”

“It doesn’t have to be your purpose, your highness. Maybe if you let people in, things wouldn’t be so dark." 

Sabariel stood up. "Talila, there is a reason I choose not to invest myself into anything more than a partnership with the people of this land. It is not because I despise you. It is because when I regain my throne, I will be alone again. The wastelands will separate us, and the only contact we will have is when an alliance is needed. I do not invest because it will only further my unhappiness when I retake my throne.”

“Your highness–”

“I apologize, Talila, but I am feeling tired. I need to lie down.” Sabariel gave a slight bow to the girl and turned away, another tear escaping her. It was all for the better, wasn’t it? The people of Arvandor, they were kind, warm… They accepted her. They showed her a kindness she hadn’t seen in years. Yet somehow, the idea of companionship, of friendship… It hurt. When she left, Talila would not follow. Althanomir would not follow. They had their home; they had Arvandor. 

She couldn’t afford to invest in anything she would knowingly lose later. 

Just some sketches of stuff I’m currently working on. The top images are all of my dragon-sona character, Sabariel. Finally making an updated ref sheet of her. The bottom one… well, let’s see if you can guess. People who watch my devART have seen this character before =w=. (honestly, that’s not saying much).