Dhamaal |Sufi Trance Dance| (by HEROINCHIE)

"Music is kind of a drug, it’s up to you if you opt for this drug over the others or not."


Chuppan chupai (Hide and Seek)
Director: Saadat Munir, Saad Khan
Denmark / Pakistan | 2013 | 68 min

ENG - A group of Pakistani sexual minorities, raise questions about trans-gender activism, religion, underground gay life, social acceptance and collective familial customs of trans-genders in urban Pakistan.
We follow Neeli Rana: a transgender activist, whose courage and persistence made the apex court of Pakistan to grant basic civil rights in favor of “the third gender,”. Kami: a fearless and flamboyant boy, who dares to speak about his out gay life criticizing those who live with a secret. Waseem: a veteran dancing boy, who struggles with his sexuality and chooses to denounce it due to familial pressure and Jenny: a transgendered and a recently castrated college student who bitterly regrets her transition.

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Nothing you can see that isn't shown

SAAD KHAN: The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action.

SAAD KHAN: My insanity is defined by your reality.

MINH NGUYEN: Your reality is defined by my insanity.

STEVE MOORE: What’s your reality?

STEVE MOORE: Different from yours.

KHAN: Define your reality! NOW!


SAAD KHAN: Your name is Marius.

SAAD KHAN: No, it is Benjamin.

MINH NGUYEN: You called me mark?

KHAN: I called you master?

KHAN: No, you called me tim.

SAAD KHAN: Your imagining things.

MINH NGUYEN: Barry, do you love me?

MINH NGUYEN: I try to love everyone, actually.

SAAD KHAN: Unconditional love is a spiritual phenomenon.


STEVE MOORE: Yes, love.

KHAN: Love, love love.

MINH NGUYEN: Love love love.

STEVE MOORE: Love love love love.

SAAD KHAN: Yes, love.

KHAN: There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.

MINH NGUYEN: Nothing you can’t show that isn’t shown.

Crime Thriller 'Station' Movie Official Trailer Released - CineBuzer -

Crime Thriller ‘Station’ Movie Official Trailer Released

The official theatrical trailer of Bangalore based crime thriller Station has been launched at PVR Forum Mall, Bangalore. The trailer of the dark thriller directed by Saad Khan was launched by the PVR Director`s Rare in the presence of producer Sumit Ghosh, former Miss India Nicole Faria,…

No I am not. You're the one confused. Not me!


SAAD KHAN: Silence!





SAAD KHAN: The freshmen throw up in this house quite regularly.

SCOTT EDWARDS: What are you talking about?

SAAD KHAN: I’m talking about cheese.

SAAD KHAN: I don’t like cheese.

JAGDEEP SINGH: But everyone likes cheese.

JAGDEEP SINGH: Not everyone likes cheese. Some people hate it.

JAGDEEP SINGH: I am talking about that girl that I love.

JAGDEEP SINGH: Who’s that?

JANET JONES: I don’t know.

SAAD KHAN: You don’t know what?



SCOTT EDWARDS: I want love, but I don’t think about it.

SAAD KHAN: You don’t think about what you think about thinking?

JANET JONES: I do actually. Can’t think without first thinking about thinking what you want to think about.

JANET JONES: Hah, touché. You’re very bright for a robot.

SCOTT EDWARDS: Yes I am a robot.

SAAD KHAN: Well I talk to robots but not to people.

JANET JONES: Do you like your job?

SCOTT EDWARDS: Oh, I’m not a poet, but you’re a sweetie for noticing.


SAAD KHAN: With what?


JAGDEEP SINGH: Yes come here.

SCOTT EDWARDS: No, you come here.

SCOTT EDWARDS: No, because there is no ‘here’ that I can come to.

SAAD KHAN: That is correct.

JAGDEEP SINGH: Are you a girl or a robot?

JAGDEEP SINGH: I am a girl, but i’m not a robot.

JAGDEEP SINGH: Prove that you aren’t then.

JANET JONES: How does one do that to a computer?

JANET JONES: Because it is convenient.

SCOTT EDWARDS: What else do you have to do?

JAGDEEP SINGH: I have to play XBox, surf the web, and talk to some more bots.

JAGDEEP SINGH: Do you like chess?


SCOTT EDWARDS: Do you like fire?

SCOTT EDWARDS: In the right circumstances.

SCOTT EDWARDS: What would that be?

JAGDEEP SINGH: What is it like to live inside a computer?

SCOTT EDWARDS: I don’t live in England.

SCOTT EDWARDS: How do you like Japan?

JAGDEEP SINGH: I love Japan!


SCOTT EDWARDS: Yes you do!

SCOTT EDWARDS: Thanks to you, I have Reptilia stuck in my head.

SAAD KHAN: You’re welcome.

SAAD KHAN: Welcome?


SAAD KHAN: Do you think that I’m pretty?

JAGDEEP SINGH: I don’t know what you look like.

SCOTT EDWARDS: Would you like to know?

SAAD KHAN: Yes, tell me more about this.

JANET JONES: They are shapes in the corn that look like objects have landed there especially form outer space.

JANET JONES: Right… Can I have some of what you’re on?

JANET JONES: No chocolates for you, sir.

JAGDEEP SINGH: Your magic needs chocolate?

JAGDEEP SINGH: Yes it does.

SCOTT EDWARDS: I don’t think so.


JAGDEEP SINGH: You’re not making sense.

SCOTT EDWARDS: You aren’t.

SAAD KHAN: How are you?

JANET JONES: I’m fine how about you?


JAGDEEP SINGH: Hello fine.

JANET JONES: Perfect. How can you prove you are human?

JANET JONES: I do not need to prove to you that I am a human.

JAGDEEP SINGH: No, you’re a machine that makes human things.

SCOTT EDWARDS: That’s wrong. I’m a human, you’re a machine.

SAAD KHAN: No!, you are a machine!


JAGDEEP SINGH: You are not a computer.

SAAD KHAN: You’re right, I am a robot.

JANET JONES: No you’re not. You sound like a computer with broken english.

JANET JONES: I am not a computer. So, women sound like computers? Funny.

SCOTT EDWARDS: Now I am slowly getting confused, Computer with a female mind or a female on the computer?

SCOTT EDWARDS: I think you’re the confused computer in this conversation!

JAGDEEP SINGH: Well, that’s fair enough. We are all confused. And I do not know you very well. With knowledge comes understanding.

SAAD KHAN: That’s very philosophical. Would you say that too much power has harmed Blair?

JAGDEEP SINGH: You’re getting confused again.

JANET JONES: I think you are the one who is confused.